How a Construction Consultant can Help Cut Construction Costs

The goal of construction & turnaround services is to reach completion on time and within or below budget. Of course, much of that responsibility falls on the shoulders of the project manager. Being PM is a difficult position. You are responsible for estimating costs, but you must also see the project through to completion and make sure that all supplies and personnel arrive on time.

Here are some methods PMs use to estimate costs and keep projects within the constraints that they have set.

Estimate Costs Properly

The first step in keeping costs low is to estimate them well in the first place. A good estimate does account for some conditions on the ground, but it consists of extremely specific orders. The estimate is almost like an invoice for the project, detailing every aspect with additional costs factored in. This is a document that should be approved by everyone, and construction consulting services me help approve the process. They may add some insight, or could be there to verify that everything is in order.

Final Thoughts

Once costs are estimated, managing the project is a number one priority. In order to eliminate needless loss from injured workers, make safety the number one priority. Check with suppliers regularly, and make sure that the orders you receive consist of the materials you wanted. In some cases, like steel, a chemical test may be performed to verify the authenticity of materials.

Also remember to document everything! It will benefit you to show that your estimates were not far off from reality, and documentation will help you stave off unnecessary lawsuits.


Lyle Charles Consulting is a construction consultant service, offering assistance to both commercial and residential contractors. Lyle Charles specializes in claim preparation and project management, and is able to act as expert witness.