29 Apr

How Doing Business Online Changes the Game

Guest post Provided by Charge.com Payment Solutions, Inc. Charge.com enables small businesses to do ecommerce credit card processing, while providing low costs and flexible options. Visit the Charge.com website for more information.

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Consider the nature of the home business, as ecommerce credit card processing is the simplest way for online merchants to interact with their customers. Our society is becoming increasingly more internet based. If you are a business owner operating from home, you are more likely to find that you will be interacting with customers online as opposed to face-to-face. While a credit card machine works well for brick and mortar enterprises, having a shopping cart for your website online is more compliant with the nature of home business and what customers will want from you.
Customers want two things: accessibility and convenience. That’s what drives the Forrester Research Inc. statistic that nation-wide online sales will increase by 62% in the next five years. With mobile devices, browsing and online shopping is more prevalent than ever. The more instant the gratification is, the more likely your customers will want to shop from your online store. Being able to do credit card online processing with things like a free shopping cart is something that few other merchant services can offer. Consider how credit card processing companies can save you money when you choose them. They should be working for you and not the other way around.

11 Feb

Organizing Your Home Office

This is a guest submission by Linda Chapin.

The main goal for organizing your home office is to keep the work flow smooth and efficient. An organized home office may help in saving hundreds of work hours and keeping the peace of mind. Setting a home office also lets you set your work schedule, the client base and a particular office style & decor. Piles of papers, entangled wires, lost scissors and pens can create a workplace of considerable stress. Even if you can keep track of all those items, still it takes a lot of your brain power, this affecting your productivity. A few simple tips can help creating an office space that is easy to maintain.

The first thing to keep in mind while setting up your home office is to keep distractions out. Alert your family members and friends that this is your office space and only you would be working there. You should not be disturbed for other home tasks during your work time. Also keep the phone out from your reach, so that you don’t have to attend unnecessary call during work hours. Whatever the business maybe, it needs a waste management system. For paper works, a waste basket and a shredder provides more space and safety of important documents. Another easy thing to do is to get an organizer for wires. With all the necessary electrical and electronic equipments in the room, it is easy that it may create a jungle of wires. To get rid of this chaos, use cable Managers, Raceways or some Electrical Ties. Keep the furniture and equipments along the wall so that the middle of the office remains clear. Positioning shelves in the right position can help save a lot of space. One of the most recommended positions is to place the shelves over the desk. This provides more space for other things as well as keeps important things handy.

These were just a few basic things to keep in mind while organizing your home office. This can save a lot of time and thus help increase your creativity and foster production.

3 Feb

Why Writing a Business Plan is Important

Article submitted by Andrew Erickson of  Business Planz
Starting a business is one of the most important investments one can make in their life. This is because should they lose their jobs, it is in business that they can earn a living. A business plan is therefore a formal statement that sets out the goals and objectives of the business. It is therefore very important for any business to flourish. This will help the business remain within the truck and carry out their initial plan. Writing business plan always helps people to think of the objectives of their businesses, this helps in deciding whether it is profitable investments.

In case one needs to take a loan from the bank or other financial institutions to boost their business, it is the business plan that these institutions will require for them to approve the loans. It may also be required when one needs to get apartment to carry out their business. It is during the initial stages of starting a business that one needs to draw business plan, this helps them identify the risks that this opportunity may present and possible solutions to such problems should they arise.

The processing of drafting ones business plan may also help them come up with new business ideas that they never thought of before. Should the business plan to merge with similar businesses for the purpose increasing its profit, its plan may become very important in determining the terms of this merger. This helps reduce the conflicts among business merging together. Retaining ones customers is one of the most important activities of any business, this is because it is the customers who buy goods and services for the continuation of the business. These customers may request to see the business plan so as to be sure that the business is a serious one. These factors may try to answer the question, why write a business plan.

1 Feb

50 Home Business Ideas

 photo online-business-ideas-that-work_zps82e31d4d.jpg

You may want to start business at home, but lack ideas of what to do. In this article we showcase 50 Home business ideas you can explore for ideas.

1. Writing Resuming for clients
2. Designing Power Point Presentation
3. Typing
4. Graphic Design
5. Website Design
6. Logo Design
7. Voice Over
8. Online Reputation Management
9. Social Media Management
10. Data Entry
11. Ghost Writing
12. Motivation Speaking
13. Home Tutor
14. Party Rental
15. Event Planning
16. Personal Trainer
17. Cartoonist
18. Photography
19. Sell stuff on Ebay
20. Cake Decorating
21. Cup Cake Venture
22. Hot Dog Cart Ventures
23. Vending Ventures
24. Mobile Catering Ventures
25. Forex Trading
26. Mystery Shopping
27. Blogging
28. Book Editing
29. Use spare rooms in your house for Bread and Breakfast Business
30. Elder Care Ventures
31. Doggie Day Care
32. Dog Training
33. Dog Walking
34. Dog Training
35. Dog Breeding
36. Dog Grooming
37. Beekeeping. You must have a big compound to do this
38. Candle Making
39. Face Painting Ventures
40. Soap Making
41. Bounty Hunting
42. T-Shirt Printing
43. Life Coach
44. Lawn Care Ventures
45. iPhone Repair
46. Cell Phone Repair
47. iPhone App Development
48. Micro Brewery Business
49. Baby Day Care
50. Scrapbooking Ventures

None the above business ideas do not need huge investments to start. All what you need is your computer and internet connections and a little skill.

There are lot of advantages working from home. Firstly, you are not spending money on transportation any more. The cost of transportation, buying of fuel or bus fare could be saved for another use in the house.

Secondly, you are always with your family. The days of you spending hours away from your family would be gone when you work at home.

Finally, you save more time and eventually increase your productivity. The time to move one place to another will be saved to work more hours. If you spend thirty minutes to your work and 30 minutes back every day, then you can save the one hour to work more at home.

10 May

How Spoons Can Make All the Difference

By Gelato Products

Alright, you’re finally ready to cut the tape on your gelato shop. You have the best possible Italian ice cream you could get your hands on. It cost you a bit more, but it’s going to be worth it when people try it for the first time and realize that they’ll never be able to go elsewhere for their gelato needs.

Here’s the thing, though. If all you’ve thought about is your gelato, you may not be seeing your business explode like you had hoped. Yes, even with that incredible gelato, you may soon be in for a disappointment.Gelato-Spoons

So what’s going to go wrong? A lot of things could, but how about the ice cream spoons you use at your shop? You read that right. The thing that kills your business could be something as small as the tasting spoons.

Maybe it won’t be the spoons. Maybe it will be the napkins. It could be the cups. The point isn’t so much the spoons as it is the idea that the little things matter. They really, really matter.

Will your gelato play a big role in your chance of success? You bet. Of course. Will your product be the only thing that decides how well you do? No. Do not forget about all the other ways your customers will “experience” your product.


For all the plastic yogurt spoons you need and more, look no further than Gelato Products. They’ll help you keep your customers coming back for more.

5 May

Rising to the Challenge: The Story of William Vanderbilt

By Phineas Upham


The vast estate of Corneilius Vanderbilt was to be given to his son William upon his death. William, born in 1821, would take his inheritance and turn his father’s already successful railroad venture into a booming transportation and shipping operation.

William’s father hadn’t thought much of his son. In fact, William was a source of disappointment for Corneilius. He viewed his son as someone too frail and someone who lacked ambition. Case in point, William was sent to work for a rival entrepreneur named Daniel Drew. Drew apparently forced too much work on young William, and the boy had a nervous breakdown in response. His father sent William off to Staten Island to live on a farm, where his son almost immediately improved fortunes. Corneilius took notice of the boy’s accomplishments and wondered if he had just needed focus.

Corneilius was busy expanding his own Lon Island Rail Road, and he decided to take a chance on William. He called him back home and gave him some degree of control over the organization. This was during the 1840s, when business was booming. William reorganized an ailing part of the business and flipped it into a thriving revenue producer. His father was delighted with the progress, if not a bit puzzled by it.

Still, William would be a significant factor in the expansion of his family business. He became vice president of railways in New York, and took over the organization when his father passed away in 1877. William honored his father’s legacy by founding the New York Central Rail System, and he acquired several holdings across the East Coast. He retired in 1883, due to failing health, and died 8 years after his father. In that time, he’d doubled the family fortune.

Phineas Upham is an investor from NYC and SF. You may contact Phin on his Phineas Upham website or Twitter page.

27 Mar

The Story of NPR

By Phin Upham


Before NPR existed, there was the National Educational Radio Network. It ran primarily on funding from the Ford Foundation, and its goal was to broadcast education programming. National Public Radio officially took over for NERN with the passage of the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967. Its first president was Donald Quayle, and it began with only 30 employees on staff to create its programming.

Today’s NPR receives a combination of both public and private donors, with individuals and companies making up the bulk of the contributions. NPR itself is the national branch, and local stations pay NPR for its programming. There are currently 900 radio stations that syndicate the content published by NPR, and its news programs are well known in America.

NPR is concerned primarily with news of the day, but it known for its cultural programming as well. NPR content is not required to be part of the broadcast regiment of its local stations, and most will develop their own shows in order to augment the programming they receive from NPR. KCRW as an example, based out of Santa Monica, has a morning radio show on weekdays called “Morning Becomes Eclectic” that aims to be a venue for new music programming from popular indie artists.

The two flagship programs that NPR’s content is based off of are the morning show “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered” in the afternoon and evenings. NPR distributes its programs using the Public Radio Satellite System, which it is in charge of managing. That puts American Public Media and Public Radio International under the jurisdiction of NPR.

About the Author: Phin Upham is an investor at a family office/ hedgefund, where he focuses on special situation illiquid investing. Before this position, Phin Upham was working at Morgan Stanley in the Media & Technology group. You may contact Phin on his Phin Upham website or Twitter page.

9 Mar

Some Interesting Facts about the Otis Elevator Company

By Phin Upham


For more than 160 years, one company has been hard at work manufacturing something many of us use every day. You can find this company’s product in the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, and the Burj Khalifa. It’s an elevator, and it’s made by Otis Elevator Company.

The company was founded by Elisha Otis, the man who discovered the elevator brake.

This was an important moment in architectural history. The limitations of stairs, and people’s ability to climb them and move things around them, made it nearly impossible to have buildings taller than a few stories. The elevator brake promised safety in vertical lifting, and so the Otis Elevator company ushered in the age of the skyscraper in many ways.

Peter Cooper, the famous architect, designed a building with a circular shaft strictly for the elevator he was so sure would come. It took the Otis Company four years to catch up to his thinking, but they finally constructed an elevator strictly for that design.

To debut his grand invention, Otis wanted to display a public death-defying stunt. He chose the New York World Fair in 1854 to pull it off, cutting the hoisting platform in front of thousands of spectators. The stunt worked because he received his first order for an elevator by 1857. Since then, Otis elevators have been installed in countless buildings all over the world.

The steel frame and the Otis elevator are widely considered to be the two biggest stepping stones into the world of skyscrapers. The needs of the modern building are changing, however, as energy prices climb higher and higher. New elevators from Otis, like the Gen2 Switch, are solar-capable.

About the Author: Phin Upham is an investor at a family office/ hedgefund, where he focuses on special situation illiquid investing. Before this position, Phin Upham was working at Morgan Stanley in the Media & Technology group. You may contact Phin on his Phin Upham website or Twitter page.

21 Feb

Starting an Ice Cream Business: Tips for Success


The average American consumes about 48 pints of ice cream a year.  When you factor in the varying degrees of flavors, the cheap costs of the product, and the even higher revenues earned from added toppings, like sprinkles, ice cream cups and candy, your potential gross profits seem even higher.  But according to the National Ice Cream Retailers Association, ice cream businesses can see profits change alongside the seasons, but still, if you want to see some success, here’s some added tips.


Finding a Good Location 

This might seem obvious, but consider this: location varies from business to business. Let’s say you start a gas station. Your prime location wouldn’t be in a large shopping center, but a smaller, more targeted environment off a busy street or highway. An ice cream shop would thrive next to schools, parks and recreational areas to attract customers. Not only are external surroundings important, but so too are nearby businesses. Busy restaurants, crowded shopping centers or even mall food courts provide the necessary foot traffic to balloon your business.


Ice Cream Supplies

Every business requires different supplies. Some may need only a few necessary items like a dipping cabinet, a few sinks, a dry storage area and a fridge. Many of these items too can be purchased from an ice cream shop supplies store. You can order all the necessary tools to start and run a shop online.


Average Customer Base

Your market determines your customer base. You might be situated between a few schools that provide an influx of children or nestled between a few warehouses. Your market, your customers and your revenue will largely depend on the environment. And you might see a spike in sales during the summertime and a drop in winter. One day you might have loaded with ice cream spoons and cups, the next, empty. Prepare for these fluctuations based on your market.


As you start to setup an ice cream business, you’ll see a few challenges thrown your way. You’ll know and understand the complications presented, but with the help of online websites, talking to local ice cream shop owners and a bit of dedication, you might see your efforts rewarded. Ice cream shop owners may see seasonal influxes to their gross profits, but the profits do remain so long as you remain dedicated and smart.


Gelato Products sells gelato supplies for commercial use, birthday parties and other events online.

6 Feb

Tips to Help Your Office Go Green


The needs of the modern office are changing, and energy costs are fast-becoming part of the overhead costs for many mid-sized and larger businesses. In order to promote a greener lifestyle, many offices are making changes to their buildings and their interior spaces that promote better temperature regulation. With these tips your office will use less energy and remain at a comfortable temperature.

Replace Doors

One of the first places to look for a redesign is adding separators and new doorways. If the office space is large and open, you’ll want plenty of space for cubicles with the sides reserved for offices. It’s easy to add separators, with approval from the landlord, and a thick wood door will complete the look. Once the office is separated, you can circulate air to the cubicle space in the center, and to the individual offices.

Tint Windows

Tinting windows that face the sun helps to block out some of the sun’s harmful rays. Sunlight is still able to light the offices naturally, and you can find tints that don’t have much color to them. You can reduce the sunlight by frosting windows too. This will reduce overall energy consumption by maintaining a reasonable temperature indoors.


Start an office recycling program, with gamified elements to keep things interesting. You can reward your most proactive employees with small gift certificates to the local coffeehouses. You can also sponsor a recycling day and get some free press out of doing some good in the community. Going green is more than just a method to cut costs, it’s a lifestyle with lasting impacts on the immediate world around you.

Bio: ETO Doors is a door manufacturer in Los Angeles, with an additional showroom in New York. ETO Doors offers its entire selection online, with ETO Doors reviews from real customers.

15 Jan

LA’s Success In the Data Center Scene


 Written by Rack Alley

 The city of Los Angeles has quite rapidly grown to become one  of the most popular locations when it comes to data centers.  Several factors might be attributed to this success. The rapid  growth of the community of data centers, the location and  quality of services are a few of them.

 Rapid Community of Data Centers

 LA consists of one of the most fast-growing global data center  communities. Businesses operating in several industries such  as shipping, gaming, computing and entertainment opt for LA  data centers when it comes to hosting their information. The city also offers a large choice of colocation providers. Colocation involves the sharing of a data center. Colocation is a convenient option as compared to purchasing the service of a whole data center. It’s rare that the company would have been able to use it to its full capacity. Sharing the data center is, in this way, more efficient and cost-effective.

Right Location and Data Center Quality

LA web hosting providers are geographically located at the gateway of traffic originating from Asian countries and the USA. This enables rapid access to sites hosted in these data centers. This also enables the rapid retrieval of data hosted from these sites for the visitor is located in the USA or in an Asian country. Quality of the data centers is continually improved due to the fierce competition that exists in the LA region. The ensures that quality of the service is guaranteed.

Rack Alley provides internet-based services for end-users, business and hosting providers. Some of their services are server hosting in Los Angeles and LA colocation.

13 Dec

How Gelato Makers Bring An Edge To Their Business

52548048697ab04f9700574a._w.600_s.fit_ Written by Gelato Products

 Gelatos have originated from Italy. The word gelato is the italian  word for ice-cream. These particular ice-creams are made from a  mixture of eggs, milk, sugars and various flavorings to yield the  different flavors that people enjoy. Summer is the perfect time for  ice-creams and outdoor parties. As such, during this season there  is a proliferation of gelato makers and suppliers. Other types of  businesses that thrive a lot in summer are frozen yogurts. Frozen  yogurts, gelatos and other types of frozen desserts such as sorbets  are much sought after in bulk for parties during summertime.

In order to set themselves apart from their competitors, ice-cream makers can make use of several strategies. The first strategy would be to set their products apart in terms of the flavors themselves. Several makers launch new and quirky flavors for the summer. It might be for instance a flavor inspired by a particular trendy movie or event.

Moreover, to set their presentations apart from competitors, gelato makers could opt for personalized ice cream cups that would display their own logo or include funny messages. This is especially pleasant among younger consumers. Frozen yogurt is another popular dessert among the younger generation and it might be particularly advantageous to have fun frozen yogurt paper cups in which to serve the ice-cream. This might also be especially appreciated during holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Gelato Products specializes in selling gelato as well as frozen yoghurt supplies. Some of their products offerings include coffee cups and lids for gelato sellers.

11 Nov

Repairs and Upsells for Garage Doors

images (1) The last thing you want to wake up to on a Monday morning is a  garage door that won’t budge. It’s not just a silly reason to be late,  it’s a costly repair that is mostly avoidable with proper care and  maintenance. Here are some common repairs, and valuable  upgrades, you might consider if you plan to upgrade or perform  maintenance on the most used door in the home.

 Basic Maintenance

The core of maintenance for your garage door involves the springs.  These are the most used part of the door, and they tend to absorb t  the brunt of wear from usage. You will notice your springs need replacing if they are rusted. They don’t usually break, but if you do see a spring approaching a break it’s best to leave the repair to professionals who know how to handle the problem. Garage doors are the heaviest moving parts in your home, so a professional is required for safety reasons. Simply applying oil to the springs is easy for the DIY repair person to do. Coat a rag in oil and rub it gently across the springs.

What to Pay For

Be careful with the word “lifetime” when it comes to garage doors. Always ask for the specifics of what “lifetime” really means, and how your warranty works. If you do have professional repairs made, always ask to see the extent of damage before you agree to let the technician perform his work. Especially when it comes to rollers. Rollers usually need to be replaced only as they break down, so be wary if a technician advises full replacement after a spot inspection.

:: ETO Doors is an online retailer of high end doors for commercial and personal use. You can order custom wood or metal doors from ETO Doors, or read ETO Doors reviews from real customers.

15 Oct

Perfect keyboard covers for SAM4s cash registers

pos2 Written by Cash Registers Online

Cash Registers are some of the most used objects in a store, especially if it is shared by several employees. Numerous     keystrokes and keyboard manipulation are made throughout the day with each sales transaction. The amount of   keystrokes could be a cause of wear of the keyboard of your cash register. Depending on your activity and especially if you operate in the food industry, your keyboard might catch dirt and grease from exposure to the atmosphere.

A solution around this is to get some Cash Register Keyboard Covers. You can easily find keyboard covers from shops specialized in the selling of cash register parts. Keyboard covers for cash registers usually come in good quality silicone or are made of rubber. The advantages of such covers are that they provide a good protection against moisture and dirt. These covers are fully washable and can thus inhibit the proliferation of germs and viruses. They are usually made to exactly fit the keys of specific brands of cash registers.

Accessorizing your cash register with a keyboard cover can prolong the life of your machine and keep the markings on the keys intact as the keys are not in direct contact with the fingers of the user.

Cash Registers Online is a reputable online store specializing in the selling of cash registers of different brands such as SAM4s cash registers since 1999. This company also sells accessories and parts for your cash registers.

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