29 Apr

How Doing Business Online Changes the Game

Guest post Provided by Charge.com Payment Solutions, Inc. Charge.com enables small businesses to do ecommerce credit card processing, while providing low costs and flexible options. Visit the Charge.com website for more information.

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Consider the nature of the home business, as ecommerce credit card processing is the simplest way for online merchants to interact with their customers. Our society is becoming increasingly more internet based. If you are a business owner operating from home, you are more likely to find that you will be interacting with customers online as opposed to face-to-face. While a credit card machine works well for brick and mortar enterprises, having a shopping cart for your website online is more compliant with the nature of home business and what customers will want from you.
Customers want two things: accessibility and convenience. That’s what drives the Forrester Research Inc. statistic that nation-wide online sales will increase by 62% in the next five years. With mobile devices, browsing and online shopping is more prevalent than ever. The more instant the gratification is, the more likely your customers will want to shop from your online store. Being able to do credit card online processing with things like a free shopping cart is something that few other merchant services can offer. Consider how credit card processing companies can save you money when you choose them. They should be working for you and not the other way around.

11 Feb

Organizing Your Home Office

This is a guest submission by Linda Chapin.

The main goal for organizing your home office is to keep the work flow smooth and efficient. An organized home office may help in saving hundreds of work hours and keeping the peace of mind. Setting a home office also lets you set your work schedule, the client base and a particular office style & decor. Piles of papers, entangled wires, lost scissors and pens can create a workplace of considerable stress. Even if you can keep track of all those items, still it takes a lot of your brain power, this affecting your productivity. A few simple tips can help creating an office space that is easy to maintain.

The first thing to keep in mind while setting up your home office is to keep distractions out. Alert your family members and friends that this is your office space and only you would be working there. You should not be disturbed for other home tasks during your work time. Also keep the phone out from your reach, so that you don’t have to attend unnecessary call during work hours. Whatever the business maybe, it needs a waste management system. For paper works, a waste basket and a shredder provides more space and safety of important documents. Another easy thing to do is to get an organizer for wires. With all the necessary electrical and electronic equipments in the room, it is easy that it may create a jungle of wires. To get rid of this chaos, use cable Managers, Raceways or some Electrical Ties. Keep the furniture and equipments along the wall so that the middle of the office remains clear. Positioning shelves in the right position can help save a lot of space. One of the most recommended positions is to place the shelves over the desk. This provides more space for other things as well as keeps important things handy.

These were just a few basic things to keep in mind while organizing your home office. This can save a lot of time and thus help increase your creativity and foster production.

3 Feb

Why Writing a Business Plan is Important

Article submitted by Andrew Erickson of  Business Planz
Starting a business is one of the most important investments one can make in their life. This is because should they lose their jobs, it is in business that they can earn a living. A business plan is therefore a formal statement that sets out the goals and objectives of the business. It is therefore very important for any business to flourish. This will help the business remain within the truck and carry out their initial plan. Writing business plan always helps people to think of the objectives of their businesses, this helps in deciding whether it is profitable investments.

In case one needs to take a loan from the bank or other financial institutions to boost their business, it is the business plan that these institutions will require for them to approve the loans. It may also be required when one needs to get apartment to carry out their business. It is during the initial stages of starting a business that one needs to draw business plan, this helps them identify the risks that this opportunity may present and possible solutions to such problems should they arise.

The processing of drafting ones business plan may also help them come up with new business ideas that they never thought of before. Should the business plan to merge with similar businesses for the purpose increasing its profit, its plan may become very important in determining the terms of this merger. This helps reduce the conflicts among business merging together. Retaining ones customers is one of the most important activities of any business, this is because it is the customers who buy goods and services for the continuation of the business. These customers may request to see the business plan so as to be sure that the business is a serious one. These factors may try to answer the question, why write a business plan.

1 Feb

50 Home Business Ideas

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You may want to start business at home, but lack ideas of what to do. In this article we showcase 50 Home business ideas you can explore for ideas.

1. Writing Resuming for clients
2. Designing Power Point Presentation
3. Typing
4. Graphic Design
5. Website Design
6. Logo Design
7. Voice Over
8. Online Reputation Management
9. Social Media Management
10. Data Entry
11. Ghost Writing
12. Motivation Speaking
13. Home Tutor
14. Party Rental
15. Event Planning
16. Personal Trainer
17. Cartoonist
18. Photography
19. Sell stuff on Ebay
20. Cake Decorating
21. Cup Cake Venture
22. Hot Dog Cart Ventures
23. Vending Ventures
24. Mobile Catering Ventures
25. Forex Trading
26. Mystery Shopping
27. Blogging
28. Book Editing
29. Use spare rooms in your house for Bread and Breakfast Business
30. Elder Care Ventures
31. Doggie Day Care
32. Dog Training
33. Dog Walking
34. Dog Training
35. Dog Breeding
36. Dog Grooming
37. Beekeeping. You must have a big compound to do this
38. Candle Making
39. Face Painting Ventures
40. Soap Making
41. Bounty Hunting
42. T-Shirt Printing
43. Life Coach
44. Lawn Care Ventures
45. iPhone Repair
46. Cell Phone Repair
47. iPhone App Development
48. Micro Brewery Business
49. Baby Day Care
50. Scrapbooking Ventures

None the above business ideas do not need huge investments to start. All what you need is your computer and internet connections and a little skill.

There are lot of advantages working from home. Firstly, you are not spending money on transportation any more. The cost of transportation, buying of fuel or bus fare could be saved for another use in the house.

Secondly, you are always with your family. The days of you spending hours away from your family would be gone when you work at home.

Finally, you save more time and eventually increase your productivity. The time to move one place to another will be saved to work more hours. If you spend thirty minutes to your work and 30 minutes back every day, then you can save the one hour to work more at home.

28 Mar

How to Access Lottery Analytics Tools

Playing the lottery might seem to be all about luck, but there are some fun tools on the market that enhance the playing experience. A fun and useful lottery tool is the Lottery Analytics Tool. Never heard of it? Here’s a brief introduction to this tool and where you can find it on the web.

A Lottery Analytics Tool is a handy tool that allows users access to the results of past drawings. Yes, all of them. If you’ve ever wanted to know the lucky numbers of a winning ticket, now you can. What is the purpose of this tool beyond seeing past numbers? Many lottery players enjoy the opportunity to select “hot” numbers, or numbers that have won in the past or might be “due to hit.” The Lottery Analytics Tool basically provides this information for you so you don’t have to go hunting for it. What’s more, it provides useful information about the numbers. For example, it ranks each number by the number of times it has hit during a time frame you can select.

So where can you find this tool on the web? LottoGopher.com. Lotto Gopher is a social lottery website that allows consumers to get lottery tickets online. But the company also provides a variety of helpful tools, including the Lottery Analytics Tool. To access a tool, simply become a member. A membership allows you to order tickets, such as Powerball tickets, online, as well as access to various tools and features you can’t find anywhere else on the web.


LottoGopher.com is an online community that allows customers to order California lottery tickets online. Members enjoy access to lottery analytics tools and more.

19 Mar

Gelato Details

Written by GelatoProducts

If you have ever wanted to open up your own ice cream shop, then you had better read the following as you should probably be informed about what you need. One of which of course is the product, the various flavours you’re going to offer and the where you’re going to get them. You can either outsource your favourite frozen desert or make it yourself, as much as making it yourself seems like a fun idea, there are a lot of things you need to know and machinery you need to ensure that your product can compete with the mass produced ones. If you do decide to get your product outsourced, then the battles is half won, now all you need to prepare is the various small items like gelato cups and spoons. These ice cream spoons come in different colours and sizes depending on your application or preference, picking out the perfect color that would complement your shop would definitely be helpful. Not only would it match your shop’s interior design and logo, it would also be a simple marketing tool so that the color could potentially remind your customers of their wonderful experience. These small details are often overlooked when starting up a business and it is up to you to be as detail oriented as possible, you can definitely expect your customers to notice and may even reflect well on the quality of your service. So spare no expense on the details as this may help you more than you expect.

Gelato Products is an online shop for your gelato and ice cream needs like frozen yogurt spoons.

19 Mar

The Difference the Right Software Can Make

By Accu Build

Just about every company these days uses digital software to see better results. It’s the digital age, after all. Any company that doesn’t won’t be in business for long. But many companies don’t use the best versions possible. Either they just follow the lead of what other companies are doing (even if those businesses aren’t even in their industry) or, frankly, they’re just being lazy.

The construction industry is a perfect example of this. Not enough companies utilize construction management software to keep an eye on tall the moving parts both their build and business entail. Far too many aspects can slip through the cracks because of it.

Another example is construction project management software. Instead of using this type of software that is designed for their specific business needs, they suffer under some generic brand, often paying someone else to be in charge of it.

Don’t let this happen to you. If you’re seeing great results as a company, you could be seeing a lot better. And if you’re getting buried in overhear or simply aren’t optimizing your resources, this could be the answer you need to turn things around.

Either use the best software available to you or lose to a business that does.


If you now understand the importance of using options like construction payroll and AIA billing software, then you need to head on over to Accu Build’s website. You’ll find everything you need to take your construction business to the next level.

19 Mar

Bring in the Right People When Problems Strike Your Build

By Lyle Charles

It’s not rare for a company handling a build to hit a few snags along the way. In fact, between the unions, the weather, suppliers and everything else, it probably never happens. There are simply too many moving parts for everything to go perfectly smoothly. But some problems are much bigger than others. Sometimes an issue threatens to derail your progress in a major way. That’s when it’s important to have a professional service in your corner.

Sometimes private mediation becomes necessary for any number of reasons. And, sometimes, it becomes nothing more than a tiny speed bump on the way to accomplishing your goal of a successful build.

Other times this isn’t the case. If handled improperly or if the need for the mediation is sufficient, a company can find out what they actually need are construction turnaround services from experienced professionals that can actually bring quick results.

The faster the mediation is successfully handled, the faster you can get on with your build. So don’t waste any time allowing matters to get worse. When a problem comes up, call a service that can handle the mediation on your behalf.

Lyle Charles is the company you need when any problem threatens your build with a subpar result. They offer plenty of construction advisory services that will help make your build a smooth one. But when it’s too late for that, they’re still your best bet for righting your ship and bringing home the finished product on time and under budget.

24 Feb

Introducing Automatic Lottery Subscriptions

Blog written by Lotto Gopher

Lotto Gopher, an online community that allows consumers to order lottery tickets via the web, is offering California residents the opportunity to enter automatic lottery subscriptions for every lottery game. Through this automatic lottery service, California residents can play every game of the lottery and increase their chances of winning a prize. Read on to learn the benefits of an automatic lottery subscription and how much it costs to join.

The Benefits of an Automatic Lottery Subscription

A monthly or annual subscription is a convenient way to get a service or product you want for a cheaper price. For example, a subscription to a magazine gets you 12 magazines for the price of six or three. A subscription to a winery might get you access to their limited selections and free wine tasting. In the case of the Lotto Gopher subscription, members can automatically play in every lottery game drawing without leaving their homes. This means they also don’t have to keep track of every game and when to play.

The Price to Join a Lottery Subscription

Lotto Gopher offers three membership programs: a free plan for consumers who want to purchase a single ticket; a monthly plan for $12; and a yearly plan for $99. If you join either the monthly or yearly plan, you get the option to choose the monthly renewal plan that automatically orders tickets on your behalf for every drawing. In short, it’s free to join the automatic renewal plan as long as you’re a monthly or annual member of Lotto Gopher.

Lotto Gopher is an online company that allows California residents to order lottery tickets online. If you want a lottery gopher to get a ticket on your behalf, visit the website to order tickets today.

18 Feb

Feel and Look Better with a Massage

By Garden Retreat Spa

If you’ve been feeling run down lately, it could be for a number of reasons. The holidays have finally come to an end, but the new quarter of a business year just started too. We just had Valentine’s Day, which can cause plenty of stress for different reasons.

Does this sound like you? If so consider getting a New York massage. A full body massage in NYC could be just what you need to start feeling great again. In fact, there’s evidence to suggest that massages can actually help you look great too. So if you’re worried that long hours, bad weather and overall stress have been taking their toll on you, consider getting a massage.

Everyone knows massages feel good, but they can have long term benefits to your bodies too. By helping our muscles relax, we’re unable to carry as much tension and anxiety around. This is one reason why regular massages are so helpful.

Less stress has cumulative effects. For example, did you know stress and anxiety can cause the lines on your face that make you look older? So get a massage today, de-stress and make sure you don’t get so many wrinkles going forward.

Massages feel great, but we should remember how good they are for our bodies, too, both inside and outside.

If you’ve never experienced an Asian Massage NYC before, call Garden Retreat Spa immediately. The company offers all kinds of wellness services designed to make you feel better than ever before.

18 Feb

Safe For Mother Earth

By Accudraft Paint Booths

                When it comes to automotive painting, several questions can be raised about its safety and the environment. Given that most automotive paints are not made of natural components and several of its components are harmful to the environment, one can’t simply go on and paint anywhere they please. A lot of third party painters, especially those who are still starting up, are ill-equipped. They used simple space that are enclose but not perfectly sealed. These painting rooms may seem sufficient, but airborne paint particles can still escape.

Proper Technology

                With proper automotive spray booth technology, one can effectively filter out all the nasty chemicals that are released during automotive painting.  These specialized spray booths are designed to enclose the vehicle to be painted and all the work to be done to it. Since automotive paint is sprayed on and excess paint is released into the air, these booths come in handy filtering out all the paint in the air, releasing clean air back to the environment.

Technology for the Environment

                The amount of paint used for each vehicle will vary so you might think these booths are only capable of handling only a certain amount of paint. That’s where most are wrong. Spray booths are designed to handle high volumes of paint particles in the air and still be able to filter them out efficiently. So whether it’s just a booth for a small car or a truck paint booth, the automotive spray booth ensures environmental safety and cleanliness.

Accudraft Paint Booths offers a wide array of spray booths that give a factory finish. Accudraft Paint Booths allow you and your shop to not only handle more jobs but also handle them with increase quality.

17 Feb

The Supplies Your Gelato Company Needs

By Gelato Products

If you’re planning on starting our own gelato company, there are a lot of challenges ahead of you on your way to rewards. Many of these beginning challenges will be obtaining all the supplies you need to run your successful business. Keep reading for some simple tips.

Every shop needs gelato cups and spoons or there’s no way the customers will be able to enjoy their sweet Italian treat. Be sure you buy quality cups that won’t let the gelato seep through and cause a mess. Also, if you can afford it, choose cups that sport your company’s logo so other people will know your brand wherever they see it.

There are also plenty of other ice cream shop supplies to consider as well. You’ll want plenty of napkins and to-go tops so people can take their gelato on the run without fear of spilling.

Remember, you can serve more than gelato inside your shop. Italian coffee is a great example. However, if you do, be sure to include the right supplies. Coffee cups, straws, creamer, dairy, etc. are all necessary to make sure your customers are able to enjoy the coffee you provide to the fullest.

Don’t make the mistake of saving money while sacrificing quality when it comes to your shop. The above supplies are a necessary component if you’re hoping to succeed.

Amongst other things, Gelato Products sells ice cream cups and all the other supplies you need to run a successful gelato shop.

16 Jan

Why Accounting Software is a Business Resource Your Construction Company Needs

Every company does better by using accounting software. Accounting is just too important an aspect of every business to leave it up to old, outdated and antiquated methods. However, this can be especially true for construction firms. Sadly, they’re often the last ones to use it. Keep reading to find out why this is such a mistake.

Consider all the unique aspects that go into your construction company’s accounting. There are the individual employees, for one. But unlike so many other companies, chances are the majority of your workers belong to a union. As such, you’d be especially helped by using construction accounting software that takes into account this unique aspect.

Furthermore, builds themselves have a number of unique factors to them. While any project management software would go a long way in helping keep an eye on all these moving parts, job cost accounting software that’s made specifically for construction companies would be especially helpful.

When you don’t use software to manage your accounts, you leave it up to human error in a way that’s bound to backfire. Perhaps you’ve already experienced this first hand. The problem is that too many solutions don’t take into account the unique aspects of a build. As a result, you can end up with more work. By applying construction software that understands your business, you can get more done.


Article submitted by Accu Build. The company offers a number of certified payroll software solutions as well as project management software that will keep your business competitive and on top of their priorities.

15 Jan

The Difference Your Cups Can Make

If you’ve started a gelato business, congratulations. That’s a big step in the direction of controlling your financial future and doing something you love. However, there is still plenty of work to do, as I’m sure you know. Keep reading to find out how one of the small things can make a big difference.

When your customers order there gelato, you hand it to them in a cup, right? Well consider using personalized ice cream cups to do this. These cups will have your store’s name and logo prominently featured so everyone who sees it knows where it came from. By doing this, you’re turning your customers into walking marketers.

This method works two important ways. One, it lets people who love your gelato know that there’s a store nearby (if you have more than one). Two, it puts the idea of having gelato in their head. If they’re not paying attention a customer enjoying your product could walk right by. However, their eyes will automatically be drawn to the logo they recognize and all of a sudden they’re now thinking about gelato. Lastly, it’s a great way to gain social proof for your shop. If people keep seeing others walking around with your particular cup, they’re more likely to assume your shop is worth visiting.

Obviously, this doesn’t just go for gelato shops. Any shops that can utilize custom printed cups should do so for the above reasons.


Article submitted by Gelato Products.  The company sells almost everything you need to get your gelato business up and running including coffee shop supplies.

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