29 Apr

How Doing Business Online Changes the Game

Guest post Provided by Charge.com Payment Solutions, Inc. Charge.com enables small businesses to do ecommerce credit card processing, while providing low costs and flexible options. Visit the Charge.com website for more information.

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Consider the nature of the home business, as ecommerce credit card processing is the simplest way for online merchants to interact with their customers. Our society is becoming increasingly more internet based. If you are a business owner operating from home, you are more likely to find that you will be interacting with customers online as opposed to face-to-face. While a credit card machine works well for brick and mortar enterprises, having a shopping cart for your website online is more compliant with the nature of home business and what customers will want from you.
Customers want two things: accessibility and convenience. That’s what drives the Forrester Research Inc. statistic that nation-wide online sales will increase by 62% in the next five years. With mobile devices, browsing and online shopping is more prevalent than ever. The more instant the gratification is, the more likely your customers will want to shop from your online store. Being able to do credit card online processing with things like a free shopping cart is something that few other merchant services can offer. Consider how credit card processing companies can save you money when you choose them. They should be working for you and not the other way around.

11 Feb

Organizing Your Home Office

This is a guest submission by Linda Chapin.

The main goal for organizing your home office is to keep the work flow smooth and efficient. An organized home office may help in saving hundreds of work hours and keeping the peace of mind. Setting a home office also lets you set your work schedule, the client base and a particular office style & decor. Piles of papers, entangled wires, lost scissors and pens can create a workplace of considerable stress. Even if you can keep track of all those items, still it takes a lot of your brain power, this affecting your productivity. A few simple tips can help creating an office space that is easy to maintain.

The first thing to keep in mind while setting up your home office is to keep distractions out. Alert your family members and friends that this is your office space and only you would be working there. You should not be disturbed for other home tasks during your work time. Also keep the phone out from your reach, so that you don’t have to attend unnecessary call during work hours. Whatever the business maybe, it needs a waste management system. For paper works, a waste basket and a shredder provides more space and safety of important documents. Another easy thing to do is to get an organizer for wires. With all the necessary electrical and electronic equipments in the room, it is easy that it may create a jungle of wires. To get rid of this chaos, use cable Managers, Raceways or some Electrical Ties. Keep the furniture and equipments along the wall so that the middle of the office remains clear. Positioning shelves in the right position can help save a lot of space. One of the most recommended positions is to place the shelves over the desk. This provides more space for other things as well as keeps important things handy.

These were just a few basic things to keep in mind while organizing your home office. This can save a lot of time and thus help increase your creativity and foster production.

3 Feb

Why Writing a Business Plan is Important

Article submitted by Andrew Erickson of  Business Planz
Starting a business is one of the most important investments one can make in their life. This is because should they lose their jobs, it is in business that they can earn a living. A business plan is therefore a formal statement that sets out the goals and objectives of the business. It is therefore very important for any business to flourish. This will help the business remain within the truck and carry out their initial plan. Writing business plan always helps people to think of the objectives of their businesses, this helps in deciding whether it is profitable investments.

In case one needs to take a loan from the bank or other financial institutions to boost their business, it is the business plan that these institutions will require for them to approve the loans. It may also be required when one needs to get apartment to carry out their business. It is during the initial stages of starting a business that one needs to draw business plan, this helps them identify the risks that this opportunity may present and possible solutions to such problems should they arise.

The processing of drafting ones business plan may also help them come up with new business ideas that they never thought of before. Should the business plan to merge with similar businesses for the purpose increasing its profit, its plan may become very important in determining the terms of this merger. This helps reduce the conflicts among business merging together. Retaining ones customers is one of the most important activities of any business, this is because it is the customers who buy goods and services for the continuation of the business. These customers may request to see the business plan so as to be sure that the business is a serious one. These factors may try to answer the question, why write a business plan.

1 Feb

50 Home Business Ideas

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You may want to start business at home, but lack ideas of what to do. In this article we showcase 50 Home business ideas you can explore for ideas.

1. Writing Resuming for clients
2. Designing Power Point Presentation
3. Typing
4. Graphic Design
5. Website Design
6. Logo Design
7. Voice Over
8. Online Reputation Management
9. Social Media Management
10. Data Entry
11. Ghost Writing
12. Motivation Speaking
13. Home Tutor
14. Party Rental
15. Event Planning
16. Personal Trainer
17. Cartoonist
18. Photography
19. Sell stuff on Ebay
20. Cake Decorating
21. Cup Cake Venture
22. Hot Dog Cart Ventures
23. Vending Ventures
24. Mobile Catering Ventures
25. Forex Trading
26. Mystery Shopping
27. Blogging
28. Book Editing
29. Use spare rooms in your house for Bread and Breakfast Business
30. Elder Care Ventures
31. Doggie Day Care
32. Dog Training
33. Dog Walking
34. Dog Training
35. Dog Breeding
36. Dog Grooming
37. Beekeeping. You must have a big compound to do this
38. Candle Making
39. Face Painting Ventures
40. Soap Making
41. Bounty Hunting
42. T-Shirt Printing
43. Life Coach
44. Lawn Care Ventures
45. iPhone Repair
46. Cell Phone Repair
47. iPhone App Development
48. Micro Brewery Business
49. Baby Day Care
50. Scrapbooking Ventures

None the above business ideas do not need huge investments to start. All what you need is your computer and internet connections and a little skill.

There are lot of advantages working from home. Firstly, you are not spending money on transportation any more. The cost of transportation, buying of fuel or bus fare could be saved for another use in the house.

Secondly, you are always with your family. The days of you spending hours away from your family would be gone when you work at home.

Finally, you save more time and eventually increase your productivity. The time to move one place to another will be saved to work more hours. If you spend thirty minutes to your work and 30 minutes back every day, then you can save the one hour to work more at home.

23 Jul

Dropbox Model and History

This article was written by Phineas Upham

Dropbox has made a habit of becoming a household name. Beginning with their work on the Apple iOS operating system, the company has always attempted to expand into digital life. In 2013 alone, it doubled its user base through partnerships with mobile phone makers.

The company has stated that its goal is to help users access information from anywhere. That includes mobile devices, and users have grown to rely on and appreciate the reliability of the cloud-based storage.

Dropbox has made a few changes to make its services more competitive. It began using new tools called Saver and Chooser, which free the user up to work with data in new ways. Now, users can pull data from applications outside of Dropbox and save it to their folders. This is particularly helpful for those who utilize Yahoo’s mail service.

It also created Datastore, which allows users to save their state in one location and retrieve it in another. For example, say that a user is playing a game on his iPad. With Datastore, that user can suspend his game and pick it up from another device that has Dropbox enabled.

Dropbox is seen almost exclusively as a product for the individual user, but the company has made moves to change that. It currently offers project tracking and management platforms in addition to its storage services to help teams collaborate. Dropbox is currently valued at $10 billion, and remains privately owned.

About the Author: Phineas Upham is an investor at a family office/hedgefund, where he focuses on special situation illiquid investing. Before this position, Phineas Upham was working at Morgan Stanley in the Media & Technology group. You may contact Phineas on his Twitter page.

22 Jul

Ideas for Securing a Storefront

The storefront door is an integral part of your store design. Consider the door, display for street-facing windows, and signage as the three major parts of your storefront. Aside from acting as vehicles to market and display merchandise, the store front is an important security risk as well.

Consider how you will monitor customers coming in and out of your store, and set merchandise accordingly. You might notice, for instance, that alcohol is rarely located near a supermarket front door. This is to prevent fast theft and force shoppers to explore the space before making a simple purchase.

In New York City, it’s common for store owners to have roll-up gates that protect the interior at night. These gates are heavy and durable, so it’s often worth the cost to hire a professional installer to set up for you. This way you don’t need to worry about preparing and installing the frames, drywall, etc. Since many commercial doors are extremely heavy, it’s often necessary to roll the door as the alignment of the hinges is being performed.

These doors should be outfitted with a locking mechanism of some sort. Usually, you will see a padlock on the gate itself, but there may be a locking mechanism in the door at the foot.

Many businesses in search of an updated look want a commercial quality glass door. Exterior entrances may be designed completely in glass. Interior doors may offer a combination of wood, glass, and metal with various glazing options, including revolving doors and glass panels. Most storefront designers recommend pre-hung glass doors. These may be purchased with ready-prepared door slab, preassembled frame, hinges, and hardware.


- ETO Doors was founded in 2002 with the idea of offering high quality doors online at affordable prices. ETO Doors features its entire catalogue online, or you can read ETO Doors reviews here.

16 Jul

Anheuser-Busch History

This article was written by Phin Upham

Anheuser-Busch was started by George Schneider in 1852. Schneider owned his own saloon, and was a brewer. He began the Bavarian Brewery on South Broadway in South St. Louis, and expanded within four years to a new brewery space. Though he gave it his all, this expansion eventually had to be sold in 1860. William D’Oench and Eberhard Anheuser bought it on the brink of bankruptcy, with D’Oench acting as the silent partner.

D’Oench stayed on until 1869 before eventually selling his stake in the business. The company changed from E. Anheuser & Co. to E. Anheuser Brewing Association.

As fortune would have it, a young wholesaler from Germany immigrated to St. Louis and met the daughter of Eberhard Anheuser. His name was Adolphus Busch, and he fell in love with Anheuser’s daughter. The two married in 1861 after Busch served in the American Civil War. Busch was the one who purchased D’Oench’s shares, and he took on the role of company secretary until his father-in-law stepped down.

Busch made several important advancements in the field of beer brewing. He was the first brewer to use the process of pasteurization to keep beer fresh. He was also the first to bottle beer, and the first to use refrigerated cars for transport.

During the 1870s, Adolphus Busch went on a tour of Europe to study some of the newest techniques in brewing that were occurring there. He came across a particular pilsner beer, which was brewed in the town of Budweis. Busch soon introduced Budweiser, his attempt at trying to satisfy the tastes of the locals. It is still the company’s flagship beer.

About the Author: Phin Upham is an investor at a family office/hedgefund, where he focuses on special situation illiquid investing. Before this position, Phin Upham was working at Morgan Stanley in the Media & Technology group. You may contact Phin on his Phin Upham website

10 Jul

Wegmans Corporate History

Written by Phin Upham

Wegmans is a super market chain that is headquartered in New York, and operates all throughout the mid-Atlantic region. It was founded in 1916 by the brothers John and Walter Wegman, and began life as the Rochester Fruit and Vegetable Company.

The store’s first expansion was into Syracuse in 1968. It further moved to Buffalo in 1977, and opened a store in Pennsylvania in 1993. Wegmans now operates in New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and Massachusetts.

Robert, son of Walter Wegman, was the pioneer of the one-stop shopping concept. Under his leadership, Wegmans went from a small grocery store to one of the most profitable privately held companies in American history. When the company was ranked #1 on Fortune’s list of the Top Companies to Work For, Robert supposedly said “This is the culmination of my life’s work.”

Wegmans now runs “superstore” style markets that tend to cater to individuals with a wider stock. The aim is to supply everything a person needs, so they only make one stop before going home. The store is aimed at an upscale clientele, and includes themed cafes, like the sea-food style “Food Bar,” as well as standalone restaurants like “Next Door Bar.”

Wegmans has a generic brand, which it began selling in 1979. It expanded into its own line of health foods with “Food You Feel Good About,” and then it launched “Italian Classics” that included imported pastas and olive oils.

Wegmans stopped selling tobacco products in 2008, which garnered praise from the American Lung Association of New York.

Phin Upham is an investor from NYC and SF. You may contact Phin on his Phin Upham

3 Jul

ADP Payroll History

This article was written by Phin Upham

Payroll isn’t the sexiest industry around, but there is one name that is found consistently at the top. Today, we call them Automatic Data Processing, but they began life in 1949 as Automatic Payrolls Inc. Henry and Joe Taub began the manual payment processing company with Frank Lautenberg. Lautenberg became the CEO in 1952, and changed the company to its current name in 1957.

Right around this time, ADP began phasing in the usage of punch cards, check printing machines and early mainframe computing. Their success and innovation led to a public offering in 1961. The company had amassed 300 clients, 125 employees and had revenues approaching the half-million mark.

By 1985, and since, the company has had revenues that exceed the $1 billion mark. It held a ten-percent market share on payroll checks in the United States, which has only increased since they became a professional employer organization. They shifted from simply helping a company’s HR department to becoming the whole department itself. Employers could outsource anything from recruiting to risk management.

The ADP business model has not changed much since the company began. It takes care of a company’s transactions so that they can focus their efforts on the core business model. Payroll takes time, and it requires staffing to handle all aspects of it. ADP fills an important role for businesses looking to save money on the human resource aspects of managing a company. ADP supplements this goal with an emphasis on embracing technology, and so it encourages clients to move to new payroll systems that are more effective and easier to track.

About the Author: Phin Upham is an investor at a family office/hedgefund, where he focuses on special situation illiquid investing. Before this position, Phin Upham was working at Morgan Stanley in the Media & Technology group. You may contact Phin on his LinkedIn page.

16 Jun

Different Door Styles

Before you buy a new door for your home, be sure that you’re purchasing the style you need. Technology for doors hasn’t changed much in the past few hundred years, but there are different doors that serve different functions. This list represents some of these alternative styles, so you can choose what you need.

French Doors

French doors are situated in a frame, built around translucent panels. There is a central mullion, or a divider, that goes straight through the center and French doors are typically opened from one side or the other. Some doors do open from both sides, which is commonly known as a French window. During installation, it’s common to put a weather strip into the door frame to prevent water from seeping into the interior.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are usually used at the rear of the house, where access to the patio is situated. These doors are useful for a variety of reasons. The sliding mechanism makes it simple to carry food in and out of the home to eat outside. The door is also easy to keep open, which allows a breeze to circulate through the home. Unfortunately, these doors don’t often feature screens. There is a risk of bugs or debris floating into the home when the doors are opened wide.

Storm Doors

Storm doors have some of the functionality of a sliding glass door, but they serve a different function. They might protect the interior of the home from severe winds, which could shatter windows or leave debris. They also let a breeze into the home, without letting unintended visitors in. Storm doors might be made of aluminum, or PVC, and feature a screen that allows for visibility.


ETO Doors carries a variety of doors, from storm to cellar doors. The professionals at ETO Doors are standing by to answer your questions. View ETO Doors reviews online, and see for yourself the difference a quality door makes.

15 Jun

Understand Your Cash Register

Article written by Cash Registers Online

                Every proper store is equipped with a cash register. Although you may start out with a small cash box and handling the money and receipts by hand, writing each and every receipt by hand, eventually you will reach a point in your store’s life when you will have at leas one cash register. An important thing that you have to do, and that your cashiers have to do, is understand your cash register.

                It may all seem simple; you press a couple of buttons, the display shows you how much the customer needs to pay and the change you have to give, the cash drawer opens, you put in some money or take some out, and voila, a transaction has just occurred. However, your cash register is much more complex and advanced than that. While you may be able to go through a day with simple processes such as that, looking at some of your cash register manuals can enlighten you with some of the register’s other important features. SAM4s cash registers in particular have a lot of features that may prove useful to your business such as the capability to handle checks and credit cards. You can also have several profiles to monitor the transactions that each of your cashier’s handle.

                There are so many features on a simple cash register that you can exploit. So much more efficiency is to be had once you fully utilize the machine that holds the success of your business.

Cash Registers Online is an online store that sells cash registers, supplies, and other useful products for your store. Grab what your store needs from one of the longest running and most trusted online cash register store.

13 Jun

How to make a gelato store profitable

Written by Gelato Products

If you are an owner of an ice cream parlor or a gelato store, you’ll find that it may be a little tricky or difficult to turn up a profit especially when all of your products are perishable. How does one predict demand and prepare enough supplies just enough that nothing gets spoiled? The answer is, you really can’t say for sure. All you can do is make the best estimates and pray that you get enough customers for a day. Things like frozen yogurt paper cupsand plastic yogurt spoonare something that you need to stock up to because it’s the only way you can sell your gelato products. To make your store profitable, you need to keep costs as low and as possible. In other words, incur costs that are essential and indispensable like employees’ wages, and supplies. Do not spend too much that you would cripple your cash flows as well. Spend on items that will help boost sales, and cut back on items that are unnecessary. Don’t think, however, that your store would automatically become profitable if you drive down costs. Instead, you need to realign your expenses into areas that would give you the most returns. Spend on items like advertising and marketing. Know what your customers want and know how to attract more customers as well. And of course, do not make your prices too high because this would drive away potential customers. Especially when you’re still starting out, throw out promotions and discounts to get business going.

Frozen yogurt supplies are easy to find. But finding the best one can be tricky if you don’t know where to find it.

12 Jun

Are mediation services appropriate for your business?

Written by Lyle Charles

Whenever conflicts arise in your business, you need to deal with them properly and with finality so they don’t keep coming back. If you’re engaged in Construction & turnaround services, you will find that resorting to regular courts will be too costly and would take up too much time as well. It would literally take you years to get a judgment that, and that’s after thousands of dollars of legal fees as well. With mediation services, you get to reach an amicable settlement to any dispute you may encounter in the quickest time possible and at a fraction of the cost of a full-blown trial as well. If you try to read up on it, you’ll find that nearly every single construction company would prefer mediation and dispute resolution over a court case and that’s because there is a swift resolution to any and all problems you may encounter in particular projects. Parties to contracts are also preferring to go with alternative dispute resolution to settle any problems by expressly stipulating that their preferred mode of settling disputes would be mediation. In your business, you can emulate what the leaders in the industry do as well by opting for mediation whenever trouble arises. The beauty about mediation as well is that it is non-adversarial, and there are no winners or losers as well. The mediator has no authority to adjudicate, it merely suggests solutions and compromises to problems that you may have encountered with your client during the course of your project.

Lyle Charles Consulting has everything you need when it comes to consulting services. They even have construction mediation services to help you get out of trouble.

11 Jun

Finding Good Affiliates in Your Niche

This article was written by Ted Dhanik

The key to a successful banner advertising campaign on the publisher side can lie in choosing a strong affiliate deal to market. Finding a good affiliate deal means a lot of testing, but there are some easy methods to start. These tips will guide you toward finding products that your audience will want to buy.

Eliminate the Obvious

If you run a blog about cars, you probably have a preferred tool set. This would be a good starting point to branch out into other niches that are related to tools. Can you sell tool accessories, or can you make money with home maintenance handbooks? Start with the most obvious niche you can think of (usually a hobby of yours), then scour the Web to see what you can find. You might save yourself some time researching products, and you’ll sell something you care about.

Solve Problems

Any good niche solves a customer’s problems. Showing someone how to fulfill a need is the most direct method to clinch a sale. You can start with your hobbies and work from there. What common problems do you run into, and what are your solutions to fix those issues? Have you found some hack that is cheap to produce, or do you use a product that fits your specific purpose well? A sale is more likely to occur if your product satisfies a burning need, like emergency roadside services. Don’t rely on the suggestion sell for display advertising. Find something concrete about the product that solves a problem, then market to those benefits.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a direct marketing guru with fifteen years of experience in the space. Ted Dhanik is the co-founder of engage:BDR, and has helped businesses develop lead generation techniques using banner advertising. Find more advice on display advertising from Ted Dhanik.

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