How Divorce Can Affect Assets

divorce-cake-splitArticle by Barry K. Rothman.

If you are considering getting divorced, it is important to understand that getting a divorce will absolutely affect your assets regardless of the duration of the marriage. What will be vital in assessing your decision to get divorced is to review what assets you do have with an attorney. If you are located in Long Beach, it is best to seek out a Long Beach family law attorney to look over the specific details of your case.

The state of California has unique community property laws that are derived from the state’s Spanish roots. This is important to understand because it will affect how your assets are distributed when and if you decide to get divorced. Additionally, it is wise to note that a marriage over seven years entitles the other spouse to more of the assets due to the long duration of the marriage. Thus, if you are under the seven year mark and are considering getting a divorce, be sure to reach out to Long Beach divorce lawyers in order to get your divorce proceedings started.

The best way to have the ultimate results in your case is to have an attorney representing you. In order to find the ideal attorney, contact a divorce attorney Long Beach CA and start asking questions. By scheduling a consultation appointment with one of the attorneys, you will be able to discuss pertinent strategies regarding your case that will help you ascertain how your assets will be divided as you get divorced. For a clearer picture on how your divorce may impact your assets, including your business, contact a divorce attorney immediately.

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