How to Get a Positive Result for Your Construction Claim

Anyone working in the construction industry has no doubt experienced a setback related to a claim made on the jobsite. Claims can range for any offense, from a late shipment to an injury on the job site, and they are a fairly common occurrence in the world of construction. You may be tempted to perform construction claims analysis on your own. In this short article, we’ll help you understand why that’s a poor decision and what you can do to defend yourself and your business.

home improvementUtilize an Advisor

Construction advisory services are helpful for smaller crews especially. They make up for their costs by providing the valuable service of analyzing your claim, and helping you to gather evidence. Some of this work can even be done on your behalf, so you can focus on managing your jobs instead of your legal battles. Advisors also have a running knowledge of what you’ll need in order to satisfy the requirements of your claim.

Prepare to Pivot

According to Lyle Charles, a construction claims consultant with more than 40 years of experience in the field of construction fabrication, efficiency is key.

Those who are able to successfully manage a claim in a timely fashion usually don’t suffer too bad. Where the costs begin to pile up is in lost time in addition to whatever is owed in the claim. Hiring a firm such as Lyle Charles Consulting is a good idea for businesses worried about their outcomes after the claim.