Renovations That Can Decrease the Value of Your House

Summary: Even though renovating your house might be exciting, there are some changes that can lower its value.

Even if you love where you live, there are likely a handful of changes you wish you could make. There are plenty of different ways you can renovate your house, from small weekend projects to larger updates that can take months to complete. Renovating your house can be exciting and fun, as it can make your living space feel fresh, more inviting, and more enjoyable. Even though renovating has plenty of upsides, it is important to keep in mind that some alterations made to a house can negatively impact its value.

Large Lights

In some fancy buildings you might notice giant chandeliers or light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. Since they tend to look both classy and expensive, some homeowners think adding large light fixtures to their house will instantly make the property look better. While that may initially be true, the particular piece you decide on can end up looking dated and unnecessary in a number of years.

When it comes to lights, try to focus on simplicity. Rather than investing in a large chandelier that is both physically big and visually “loud,” you can invest in a nice lamp that subtly adds to the ambiance of the room.


When it comes time to replace the flooring in a particular room, stay away from carpets. Carpets are less expensive than hardwood and tiles but, from a long-term perspective, they might not be worth the investment. Carpets get dirtier more easily and are harder to clean. This can be a hassle that can easily turn potential buyers away.

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