Save Money on Your Next Ice Cream Fundraiser


Learn tips for raising money at your child’s next fundraiser.

What better way to raise funds for your child’s sports team, school or social function than holding an ice cream social to raise money? By charging a modest amount, and shopping with a frugal mindset, you can net a significant profit you can apply towards whatever dream trip you want to go on. Grab your tasting spoons and get ready to spread joy.

ice cream manStep One: Plan Your Event

Begin with a list of who will be coming to your event so you can get an idea of how much ice cream you’ll need to purchase. Margins are important, so give yourself plenty of time to count the RSVPs and make a decision well in advance. These numbers will come in handy during the next step, when you’ll be ordering your ice cream cups and additional supplies.

Step Two: Order Supplies

Buying in bulk saves a lot of money when you’re ordering supplies for an event like this, so try to find a bulk package that gives you as close to the amount as you need in a single package. You can always hoard the extras for later use at your child’s next birthday party. Remember, you’ll need ice cream spoons for serving, toppings and pan liners to display your creamy treats.

Step Three: Enjoy

You’ll save a lot of money planning this event on your own, which means you get to keep more of the profits. This is an excellent idea for any team-based sports club, as you can hold a large gathering. Try to arrange for a booth at a local event if you can, so you can maximize foot traffic.