The Three Classic Gelato Flavors

2Walk into a gelateria and you will see lots and lots of flavor combinations available. From the basics like chocolate to tropical ones like Mango etc. There are a standard set of flavors that most shops will carry. These almost never vary from shop to shop because they will always be popular rain or shine, winter or summer. You won’t even have to waste tasting spoons on them. Here are three of the most popular ones:


This tastes very much like the dairy from which it is made. It is usually white in color and is the most neutral of the flavors. Because of that, it pairs very well with other flavors or toppings. Chocolate for example goes very well with the cream flavor. Another name for this flavor is called custard. Due to the taste of dairy coming through the taste can vary quite a bit from region to region.


This is the most quintessential flavor. The more yellow or brown the color, the stronger the vanilla flavor. This is regulated by the amount of vanilla bean used during production. There is a noticeable difference when vanilla extract or essence is used rather from the pods. Vanilla fans would do well to avoid the whiter vanilla varieties.


It is hard to say which is more popular, Vanilla or chocolate. The biggest difference is that different levels of chocolate are sold differently. Lighter chocolate is sold as either plain chocolate or milk chocolate, while the anything stronger is sold as Dark chocolate.