What Direction Do You Have to Take to Achieve Wealth?

Because of the mechanics of our brain, we humans possess a desire for short-term gratification. Even if we see that long terms goals will offer the best reward, we still crave some instant joys along the way. This is one of the reasons why people don’t succeed in life. Because the way to lasting success and abundance is often a long, arduous path. But Golden Touch by Zhang Xinyue has studied this topic and arrived at some conclusions.

Surviving during any one stage of our lives is reliant on a minimum amount of money coming into the household and that’s just to pay the bills. If you want to save, pay off debts and accumulate wealth, it will take additional income from somewhere. But it will also take long-term commitment and discipline.

This is a common principle that many of us know but simply don’t understand. If you want to create abundance in your life, then you have to do something additional, something outside your standard routine. Normally, it takes hard work, but the journey begins in the mind. You have to let go of the poverty mindset and begin thinking outside the box.

Take advantage of opportunities, even if you must give up your day off work each week. Look for small ways to make a difference. There might be little areas where you could earn a few dollars. These could turn into better paying jobs.

At Golden Touch retreats, we help each other learn how to find the path to greater wealth and greater peace of mind. We believe in letting go of limiting behaviors so we can reach for the stars. Come join us soon for our next Golden Touch retreat in a major city like Vancouver, Kuala Lumpur or Milan, Italy.