What to do if you get negative reviews?

While popular sites like Revdex, which allows consumers to write reviews on their experiences with a business, might be one of the best things since sliced bread, for businesses that receive a plethora of negative reviews, it could be lethal to your business operations.

However, if the concerns lodged by consumers about your business are valid, then it’s probably about time that you reviewed your products and service offering, but if the review is somewhat unjustifiable, this doesn’t mean that you still don’t have to tackle the negative review diligently. So, if you have received a negative review, regardless if you are guilty or not, here is how to respond.

Respond quickly

When a customer takes the time to head to a consumer disputes website to leave a bad review about your business, it’s usually because something really bad happened. To address this, it’s best to respond to the negative review swiftly to help mitigate damage. Start by giving a sincere apology, and offer to find solutions offline.

Don’t ignore a fake review

If you think a review is suspicious, you should not ignore it. Respond to the fake negative review, however, be defensive and inform them that you would like to investigate this further. If the customer does not respond or continues to make false accusations, bring it up with the site in which the review was made and ask them about how you can have the review deleted.

Keep account of your negative reviews

For consumers, sites like Revdex , which allows consumers to post negative business reviews, report internet scams, praise, and connect with businesses, are beneficial to research brands’ quality and to share experiences. Business owners can take advantage of the possibility of receiving negative reviews to keep track of negative experiences and identify problem areas and how to fix them. When faced with negative reviews, identify if the concern is repetitive among several clients and figure out how to improve your business.

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