Why You May Need Mobile 4G Internet for Online Gaming in Rural America

Because of rural America’s limited access to traditional broadband Internet types such as fiber optic Internet, it can be difficult to find the best Internet for rural gaming. Out of all the options, fiber optic Internet may be the fastest and most reliable for online gaming. However, fiber optic Internet is not available in all 50 states and its accessibility for rural residents is limited, since rural areas do not have adequate infrastructure to support most types of high-speed broadband Internet.

For this reason, rural residents will have to find an alternative rural Internet service provider that can handle the demands and requirements of online multiplayer games. One important trait in an Internet service provider that gamers should look for is low latency. Experienced online gamers are familiar with the debilitating effects of latency on intense, competitive online games. High levels of latency usually result in lag and rubberbanding, which can ruin timing, positioning, and other precise inputs that can mean the difference between victory and defeat while playing online.

Fortunately, unlimited 4G rural Internet providers such as UbiFi have devised an ideal solution to these issues. Unlike satellite Internet providers that transmit Internet signals from outer space, mobile 4G Internet uses cell towers on the ground to transmit Internet signals. This reduces delays in the transmission of signals, greatly decreasing the disruptive latency during online gaming sessions. Some UbiFi products even allow users to subscribe to MoFi’s Cloudlink service, which makes it easier for gaming consoles to connect to mobile Internet. Be sure to check if UbiFi or other mobile Internet companies adequately cover your area before choosing an Internet service provider.