Excellent Alternatives to Pizza for Your Next Office Party

Pizza is a great staple food of American culture, but it’s been done to death. Every company under the sun has holiday parties and special meetings that feature this cheesy, bready treat. The fact is that it’s boring, and it’s not the healthiest either! If you want to spice up your next company party, try something different like Armenian food or a selection of appetizers, to offer guests something they will truly enjoy.

Fusion Foods

Almost anything can be turned into a taco, and you can order fusion foods just as easily as you make them. Several fusion food trucks exist, but asian and Mexican foods are often fused together too. Los Angeles based food trucks have popularized the bulgolgi taco, which combines seasoned beef with Korean vegetables in a corn tortilla. Fusion food is basically anything inspired by another culture’s cooking, so some experimentation in your own kitchen will yield intriguing results. The other advantage is that fusion foods are often easy to prepare in bulk, as they typically use a lot of one ingredient with some other ingredients thrown in.


Lebanese, Greek or Persian catering… it’s all delicious and rarely requires heat to taste excellent! Some crowd favorites include kebabs, falafel and hummus just to name a few. Make sure you order lots of pita bread to go with your meal, and ask about extras like veggies and sauces. A Lebanese side dish called lebne is a creamy addition to the meal that adds a yogurt spike to your food. Rice is a staple of this kind of diet, so expect to order lots of rice pilaf to go along with the meats and veggies.


Appetizers are perfect for small gatherings because they provide a tapas style meal that people don’t have to commit to. With an appetizer selection, your guests can make their own plates of several kinds of food. Just make sure that you order a wide selection of items to choose from. Frozen appetizers ordered by mail are also great for gatherings, as they don’t take long to reheat and taste just as good.


Sliders aren’t just gastropub fair. It turns out that you can do a lot with a few pounds of ground beef, and sliders are definitely fashionable treats. Set out a plate with some veggies that people can add to their burgers, and be sure that you have a selection of cheeses to choose from for those foodies who must have a customized burger. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can barbecue for employees on the grounds of your office. Not for everyone to be sure, but an outdoor picnic does make for a good bonding experience.
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