Ideas for Securing a Storefront

The storefront door is an integral part of your store design. Consider the door, display for street-facing windows, and signage as the three major parts of your storefront. Aside from acting as vehicles to market and display merchandise, the store front is an important security risk as well.

Consider how you will monitor customers coming in and out of your store, and set merchandise accordingly. You might notice, for instance, that alcohol is rarely located near a supermarket front door. This is to prevent fast theft and force shoppers to explore the space before making a simple purchase.

In New York City, it’s common for store owners to have roll-up gates that protect the interior at night. These gates are heavy and durable, so it’s often worth the cost to hire a professional installer to set up for you. This way you don’t need to worry about preparing and installing the frames, drywall, etc. Since many commercial doors are extremely heavy, it’s often necessary to roll the door as the alignment of the hinges is being performed.

These doors should be outfitted with a locking mechanism of some sort. Usually, you will see a padlock on the gate itself, but there may be a locking mechanism in the door at the foot.

Many businesses in search of an updated look want a commercial quality glass door. Exterior entrances may be designed completely in glass. Interior doors may offer a combination of wood, glass, and metal with various glazing options, including revolving doors and glass panels. Most storefront designers recommend pre-hung glass doors. These may be purchased with ready-prepared door slab, preassembled frame, hinges, and hardware.


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