Introducing Automatic Lottery Subscriptions

Lotto Gopher, an online community that allows consumers to order lottery tickets via the web, is offering California residents the opportunity to enter automatic lottery subscriptions for every lottery game. Through this automatic lottery service, California residents can play every game of the lottery and increase their chances of winning a prize. Read on to learn the benefits of an automatic lottery subscription and how much it costs to join.

The Benefits of an Automatic Lottery Subscription

A monthly or annual subscription is a convenient way to get a service or product you want for a cheaper price. For example, a subscription to a magazine gets you 12 magazines for the price of six or three. A subscription to a winery might get you access to their limited selections and free wine tasting. In the case of the Lotto Gopher subscription, members can automatically play in every lottery game drawing without leaving their homes. This means they also don’t have to keep track of every game and when to play.

The Price to Join a Lottery Subscription

Lotto Gopher offers three membership programs: a free plan for consumers who want to purchase a single ticket; a monthly plan for $12; and a yearly plan for $99. If you join either the monthly or yearly plan, you get the option to choose the monthly renewal plan that automatically orders tickets on your behalf for every drawing. In short, it’s free to join the automatic renewal plan as long as you’re a monthly or annual member of Lotto Gopher.

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