Promotional Gear for Real Estate Agents

Any good real estate agent comes to a networking event armed with plenty of memorable freebies, but those investments don’t have to be haphazard. It’s easy to convince yourself that splurging on decorative items for clients is a nice thought to get noticed. Think practical and you’ll save money, while leaving a tasteful impression on the people you meet.


Signage with your name on it can help promote your name and your face as brands. Benches are the traditional cliché form of advertising, but agents are also finding signage works well. Standard wooden signs outside the house can have your name on the front, or you can opt for a simple wireframe sign with your name and face on a hanging placard. Place it somewhere prominent, where it is guaranteed exposures from passersby.

Pens and Other Staples

Carry some branded items clients might need the day of an open house. Pens and note pads are good examples, because people might want to draw the layout of the home. It also helps to be prepared with items they might need to help them browse the home, like water or tape measures.


A good business card states who you are and how you can be contacted succinctly. Don’t waste space and money with fancy graphics, not that these leave poor impressions. A stunning image can be a powerful motivator for the right kind of person. Most people prefer simplicity, and that’s why you should opt for something minimalist. Use color effectively, consider embossing and keep it professional.

 Kuba Jewgieniew is the CEO of Realty ONE Group, a top growing firm as named by REAL Trends and Inc. Magazine. Kuba Jewgieniew, Realty ONE Group and its agents are dedicated to bettering communities through the work they do.

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