Repairs and Upsells for Garage Doors

images (1) The last thing you want to wake up to on a Monday morning is a  garage door that won’t budge. It’s not just a silly reason to be late,  it’s a costly repair that is mostly avoidable with proper care and  maintenance. Here are some common repairs, and valuable  upgrades, you might consider if you plan to upgrade or perform  maintenance on the most used door in the home.

 Basic Maintenance

The core of maintenance for your garage door involves the springs.  These are the most used part of the door, and they tend to absorb t  the brunt of wear from usage. You will notice your springs need replacing if they are rusted. They don’t usually break, but if you do see a spring approaching a break it’s best to leave the repair to professionals who know how to handle the problem. Garage doors are the heaviest moving parts in your home, so a professional is required for safety reasons. Simply applying oil to the springs is easy for the DIY repair person to do. Coat a rag in oil and rub it gently across the springs.

What to Pay For

Be careful with the word “lifetime” when it comes to garage doors. Always ask for the specifics of what “lifetime” really means, and how your warranty works. If you do have professional repairs made, always ask to see the extent of damage before you agree to let the technician perform his work. Especially when it comes to rollers. Rollers usually need to be replaced only as they break down, so be wary if a technician advises full replacement after a spot inspection.

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