Safe For Mother Earth

By Accudraft Paint Booths

                When it comes to automotive painting, several questions can be raised about its safety and the environment. Given that most automotive paints are not made of natural components and several of its components are harmful to the environment, one can’t simply go on and paint anywhere they please. A lot of third party painters, especially those who are still starting up, are ill-equipped. They used simple space that are enclose but not perfectly sealed. These painting rooms may seem sufficient, but airborne paint particles can still escape.

Proper Technology

                With proper automotive spray booth technology, one can effectively filter out all the nasty chemicals that are released during automotive painting.  These specialized spray booths are designed to enclose the vehicle to be painted and all the work to be done to it. Since automotive paint is sprayed on and excess paint is released into the air, these booths come in handy filtering out all the paint in the air, releasing clean air back to the environment.

Technology for the Environment

                The amount of paint used for each vehicle will vary so you might think these booths are only capable of handling only a certain amount of paint. That’s where most are wrong. Spray booths are designed to handle high volumes of paint particles in the air and still be able to filter them out efficiently. So whether it’s just a booth for a small car or a truck paint booth, the automotive spray booth ensures environmental safety and cleanliness.

Accudraft Paint Booths offers a wide array of spray booths that give a factory finish. Accudraft Paint Booths allow you and your shop to not only handle more jobs but also handle them with increase quality.

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