Spoon me a Scoop

Sugar, ice, and everything nice. Nothing can quite describe the bliss of having a spoonful, or even a whole bowl’s worth, of Gelato. Whether it’s a nice warm summer day, or on a rather relaxing stroll with a loved on a charming autumn evening, very few things in life can stack up to the taste sensation of a cup of Gelato.

From the many artisanal shops to the friendly neighborhood scoop shop, a serving of Gelato is perfect from both eating at a table, and enjoying a scoop or two on the go. Of course, taking out your shop’s glassware is a definite no-no for any shop owner, so you must use some form of disposable food ware. Whether a scoop of Vermont’s finest ice cream, to an Italian Sorbet, a good set of frozen yogurt paper cups will help you sell more scoops to people on the go. Not only will you allow them to enjoy your frozen confection on-the-go, you also give them the chance to bring home a cup, or two, to their families. Select only the finest food grade paper for your cups to ensure that you never compromise the quality of your product, and the health and safety of your customers. Pair your quality cups with quality wooden or plastic taster spoons to complement their take-away goodies, allowing them to enjoy your confections, on the go, wherever they go. Always remember though, quality, whether wood or plastic, is important so make sure everything is food grade to assure quality and safety.


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