Starting an Ice Cream Business: Tips for Success


The average American consumes about 48 pints of ice cream a year.  When you factor in the varying degrees of flavors, the cheap costs of the product, and the even higher revenues earned from added toppings, like sprinkles, ice cream cups and candy, your potential gross profits seem even higher.  But according to the National Ice Cream Retailers Association, ice cream businesses can see profits change alongside the seasons, but still, if you want to see some success, here’s some added tips.


Finding a Good Location 

This might seem obvious, but consider this: location varies from business to business. Let’s say you start a gas station. Your prime location wouldn’t be in a large shopping center, but a smaller, more targeted environment off a busy street or highway. An ice cream shop would thrive next to schools, parks and recreational areas to attract customers. Not only are external surroundings important, but so too are nearby businesses. Busy restaurants, crowded shopping centers or even mall food courts provide the necessary foot traffic to balloon your business.


Ice Cream Supplies

Every business requires different supplies. Some may need only a few necessary items like a dipping cabinet, a few sinks, a dry storage area and a fridge. Many of these items too can be purchased from an ice cream shop supplies store. You can order all the necessary tools to start and run a shop online.


Average Customer Base

Your market determines your customer base. You might be situated between a few schools that provide an influx of children or nestled between a few warehouses. Your market, your customers and your revenue will largely depend on the environment. And you might see a spike in sales during the summertime and a drop in winter. One day you might have loaded with ice cream spoons and cups, the next, empty. Prepare for these fluctuations based on your market.


As you start to setup an ice cream business, you’ll see a few challenges thrown your way. You’ll know and understand the complications presented, but with the help of online websites, talking to local ice cream shop owners and a bit of dedication, you might see your efforts rewarded. Ice cream shop owners may see seasonal influxes to their gross profits, but the profits do remain so long as you remain dedicated and smart.


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