Sweepstakes Business 101: What is a Totem?

If you’re thinking about starting a sweepstakes business, you will need to learn the industry lingo. One of the first industry-related words you will come across is totem. What is a totem and why is it so important to the sweepstakes business industry?

A totem is a type of technology designed for the sweepstakes business industry. It is an internet kiosk that can be placed anywhere. On the outside it looks like an ATM or a video game machine, and it comes with a bill acceptor. This unit is vital to the sweepstakes business industry because it is the unit people use before they begin playing the games on the video sweepstakes machines. Customers must insert cash into the totem in order to buy internet access time on the computers. Once they have access to time, they can use the computers to browse the web or play games. But the totem’s job isn’t over yet. When customers are ready to reveal the sweepstakes entries, they must go back to the totem unit.

Starting an internet café might mean exploring new territory. In addition to the word totem, you are sure to learn other new industry jargon, such as sweepstakes games, swipe cards, and sweepstakes software, just to name a few. If you don’t want to go through the journey alone, you can enlist the help of a consultant company such as SweepsCoach. With years of experience in the industry, SweepsCoach has helped many entrepreneurs successfully launch and run a sweepstakes café business.

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