What Are Some Popular Sweepstakes Games?

Game development and design is not solely controlled by the popular titles on console or computer games that involve shooting your enemies for hours on end.  There is a whole genre of casual games for the rest of the world.  Among these are sweepstakes games, games of chance that provide excitement for its players.

Many of these games began off the computer but with the growth of the online medium, several of these popular sweepstakes games have adapted to the electronic age.  These games can be played on the computer, on mobile devices such as cell phones, iPads and tablets, and also on sweepstakes terminals at Internet cafés.

There are several types of sweepstakes games, so we will explore a couple of the popular categories.

The most common would be the slots or reel games.  This game is fairly simple (probably why it is so popular); the goal of the game is to push a button or spin a wheel which will show symbols and images on a reel that, if lined up in a specific way, results in the player winning a prize.  A few of them have fun and interesting themes associated with the game.

Another popular category sweepstakes companies have injected into the electronic age is the card game.  These games follow the classic table games like poker and blackjack.  Their electronic versions follow the same rules as the more tactile version of the game.  Of course, there are those sensitive card players who will only play these games on a table with a dealer and the ability to see their opponents, but we’re talking about casual gaming here.

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