Advantages to Hiring Short Term Management

short-term-managementConstruction consultants can prove invaluable on a long term project, because they help you anticipate the unexpected. Delays that are caused by the departure of senior level management are a prime example of how bad things can get without proper planning. Here are just a few of the advantages that come with hiring short term.

Short Term Hiring

In construction, time is money. So construction advisory services can fill an important gap in the work stoppage. You can’t get far without decision makers. That could jeopardize everything from the scope of your work to the scheduling of personnel.

Short term hiring helps to resolve that situation by bringing in someone who is senior level to work on the remainder of the project. Their job is to assess the current situation, help stabilize conditions on the ground and help get everyone back on track. These consultants can also fill the role of construction expert witness if there is a dispute that can’t be resolved through claim or mediation.

Cost Effective

Hiring short term is ultimately cost effective, even though it adds to the project’s budget. Think of it this way, you could halt all work and solve the dispute or hire short term and solve the dispute as work is going on. Which would be more economical?


In some cases, hiring short term can be a protective measure. You should work with consultants to verify all of your planning, and review contracts before you begin work. Failing to do so can be a costly mistake with legal repercussions down the road.

Lyle Charles Consulting offers short term and interim management services for commercial construction projects across the United States.