Horrible Service by Jeff Goldman & Worldwide Plumbing

Jeff Goldman and Worldwide Plumbing need to be transparent with their services. Nothing about their prices makes any sense whatsoever. Oh, and they love destroying your bathrooms.

jeff goldman worldwide plumbingI obtained a solid rate from Jeff Goldman, who apparently is the owner or manager of the place. The service I was inquiring about was to fix the water pressure in our toilet (it would fail to flush). The technician arrived at my home and I led him straight to the bathroom. He told me it wouldn’t take long so I went downstairs to watch some television in the meantime.

After it was fixed, the technician demonstrated the toilet would work by flushing it. It looked great! I then asked for the total and the price was three times the initial quote that I got. You read right, three times the initial quote price. I was hesitant to pay and I immediately felt scammed. Although my toilet was fixed, I was thinking, “Why did the price go up so much?” As it turns out, my toilet needed a couple new parts that he gladly replaced without even asking me first. If I knew it needed some new parts, I would’ve asked my brother-in-law who works for a toilet manufacturing company to get it at a discounted price. To make matters worse, he cracked the lower end of my bathroom mirror along with chipping the tank cover all the way through. This is quite honestly the worst plumbing service I’ve ever worked with.

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Jeff Goldman Worldwide Plumbing Very Poor Service

I am not the only one complaining about them! Business providing bad services will eventually go out of business or not make much money. Thank God for the internet, bad services providers can easily be found on sites like Yelp and RipoffReport!

If Forbes Magazine had a Worst 100 ranking, this guy would be #1.