How Market Segmentation Plays a Large Role in Nike’s Expansion

Nike’s marketing campaigns revolve around the focus of an athlete.

Nike’s signature logo is known throughout the world. This is partly due to their global expansion, but they favorable product icon has been kept simple, and most importantly, recognizable. Most of you reading this have seen the distinct “swoosh”. It’s simple but embodies a deeper meaning that Nike commits to.

Nike_Bootroom_native_600Market Segmentation

Now, when it comes to market segmentation, athletes are the ones that are being targeted. By focusing on these consumers, and through partnerships with sports teams, college athletics, and other related areas, they reach out to every active individual in the world. This comes through the form of endorsements and product sponsorships from the most popular athletes around the globe.

Nike employs a variety of strategies to expand their brand. Because their focus is the “sportsmen”, they try not to stray too far from that concept for recognition purposes. When you think of Nike products, you immediately think sports-related. Why? Well, they wrapped their product mottos around athletic activities and sports.

Steve Doctrow, who helps run the integrated marketing department at Rogers & Cowan, worked with Nike on the creation of high-profile campaigns. According to Doctrow, the advancement and promotion of a product comes through developing and nurturing business relationships.

Endorsements for Expansion

Nike’s marketing strategy continues to succeed as endorsements from well-known athletes lead the charge. Additionally, their psychological effect of creating a “winning” brand draws people into taking a closer look into their products as well. When you associate triumph over taking the easy way out of things, you get what Nike’s promoting.