How Your Company Is Currently at Risk

Written by Colony West

imagesNo one who owns a business wants to think about the risks that it is facing at any given moment. Of course, this is part of successfully running a company, right? You need to do constant risk analysis or one of those threats will eventually surprise you and put you out of work.

Sadly, a lot of people forget some of the biggest risks facing their organization. They look for extremely specific ones, like the threat of other competitors or the need for better software. Those are definitely important and deserve attention, but you’ll be making a mistake if you stop your risk analysis there.
Instead, you need to think about the need for business insurance. This coverage will protect you from possible workers’ compensation lawsuits you could face in the future. Basically, any company that employees people should have this coverage. All it takes is one injury and you could be facing a lawsuit capable of putting you out of business.

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