The Best Museums You Should See While You Are In Jordan

Let’s face it, sometimes when you go on vacation the weather is simply terrible. This can be either because it is too hot or because it is raining outside, but either way it can be good to have a backup plan of some things to do indoors.

Jordan has a number of amazing museums to see and you can either use a taxi to get to these or use the car rentals in Jordan. There are such a variety of museums to choose from that there is bound to be one that you are interested in.

There is the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts if you like art and even a Royal Automobile Museum if you are more interested in cars. The Exhibition of Arab Heritage and Recent Discoveries is a great museum if you want to see only recent finds, and these artifacts are changed out regularly as the old ones are placed in other museums and as new artifacts are found.

However, if you happen to like more traditional museums, there are still plenty of options. There is the Amman Archeological Museum, the Jordan Folklore Museum, and the Jordan Museum of Popular Traditions just to name a few.

Jordan has an incredibly rich history, and walking through these museums will not only save you from some of the heat that Jordan can have, but it can also save you gas in your Monte Carlo Rent A Car.