The Different Types of ISM Safes


Article Written by : Latest Financial Infos
There are those who will likely mistake ISM as an acronym that stands for International Safety Management, especially if they are unfamiliar with the way safes are being named or designated based on their ratings. ISM, however, is not some rating similar to the TL, TR, 30, and x6 letter and number combinations used with certain types of safes. It is a brand name for high security safes from Israel . ISM safes are quality safes from one Israel based company that offers an extensive range of safes.

Basically safes from ISM can be grouped into three. These are the TL30, TL30X6, and TRTL30X6. These are considered the most popular burglary resistant safes from ISM. Anyway, before presenting the descriptions for each group of safes, here’s a brief guide to the letter and number codes used in the groups’ names. TL means that the safe is resistant to tools that can be used to attempt to open it or defeat its lock. TR, on the other hand, stands for torch resistance, which means that the safe can resist blow torching as a method of trying to open it. The number 30 indicates the maximum amount of time (in minutes) guaranteed that the safe can withstand attacks using lock picking or defeating tools or blow torching. Lastly, the X6 part of the safe name indicates that the TL or TR attributes apply to all 6 sides of the safe.

TL30 safes are safes that have been designed to be able to withstand attacks on the safe door using hand tools, electrical or mechanical, for up to 30 minutes. These hand tools include drills, hammers, axes, and lock picking tools. TL30 safes provide basic protection from burglary. They are applicable for home or small business use.

TL30X6 safes, on the other hand, are created to withstand tool attacks not just on the safe door but on all 6 sides of the safe. This means that the thickness of the safe’s walls and door are almost similar. They also tend to be heavier and slightly bulkier than TL30 safes. These safes are good for small to mid-size businesses although they can also be used at home if the prospective owner does not mind the higher price.

The third group, the TRTL30X6, is a range of safes that don’t only provide tool protection but also the resistance against torching for up 30 minutes and on all 6 sides of the safe. These safes are definitely more expensive than the other two groups of safes. However, the addition of torch resistance is arguably worth the higher price. In many cases, TRTL30X6 safes are also fireproof for around an hour or more. Don’t expect all torch-resistant safes to be fire-proof, though. Don’t be confused between torch resistance and fire resistance. Being protected against blow torching does not always mean that the safe is fire-resistant or capable of maintaining temperatures within the safe to prevent heat from damaging the contents.

If you need dependable safes, ISM branded ones are recommended. Just be sure that when you buy them, you are getting authentic ones. Make sure that the seller is reputable and that you do inspections of the item before deciding to buy.