Are mediation services appropriate for your business?

Written by Lyle Charles

Whenever conflicts arise in your business, you need to deal with them properly and with finality so they don’t keep coming back. If you’re engaged in Construction & turnaround services, you will find that resorting to regular courts will be too costly and would take up too much time as well. It would literally take you years to get a judgment that, and that’s after thousands of dollars of legal fees as well. With mediation services, you get to reach an amicable settlement to any dispute you may encounter in the quickest time possible and at a fraction of the cost of a full-blown trial as well. If you try to read up on it, you’ll find that nearly every single construction company would prefer mediation and dispute resolution over a court case and that’s because there is a swift resolution to any and all problems you may encounter in particular projects. Parties to contracts are also preferring to go with alternative dispute resolution to settle any problems by expressly stipulating that their preferred mode of settling disputes would be mediation. In your business, you can emulate what the leaders in the industry do as well by opting for mediation whenever trouble arises. The beauty about mediation as well is that it is non-adversarial, and there are no winners or losers as well. The mediator has no authority to adjudicate, it merely suggests solutions and compromises to problems that you may have encountered with your client during the course of your project.

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