Artificial Putting Greens: What To Look For

Do you use artificial grass putting greens in your golf store?

For golfers that don’t have the money to afford a real grass backyard practice facility like the best professional golfers in the world, installing a synthetic, realistic putting green in your backyard or garage can give you just as much of an edge as the pros when it comes to practicing the short game.

Artificial grass is a great way for golf shops to offer customers the chance to test out putters while in the store. Many golf shops offer an artificial turf practice putting in their store, but the quality of the green can really make a difference on whether customers keep coming in. This is why it’s so important to have a professional artificial grass supplier help you pick out what texture or type of blades are right for your practice green.

If the putting green is outdoors, you may be concerned about UVB or UVA damage from the sun. Sometimes, golfers will go to a driving range that has artificial mats and see that they are worn out. It might be just from a great volume golfers practicing on the green. However, the sun also accelerates this “wear and tear” process by deteriorating the fibers in the artificial turf. High quality synthetic grass can negate this process for years before it starts to become a factor. Some grasses may also come with built-in UV inhibitors in the fibers/yard and resin. However, these makes of synthetic grass have been found to be more prone to melting.

One of the best things about having an artificial green, or landscape, is the reduction of your carbon footprint on the environment. In so many large city areas, the amount of unnecessary mowing, watering, leaf blowing, and overall upkeep for small patches of grass can be very costly for labor and for the environment. Artificial grass is not just the boring looking astroturf you’ve seen on football fields in the past anymore.

While undertaking a huge project like putting a practice green in your back yard won’t be cheap, it will be worth it. Some artificial grass is so realistic that people have to literally touch it to believe that it’s real, and having a realistic putting green is exactly what golfers want, right? Scientists employed by the best manufacturers in the world study the natural grass of different areas to produce a selection that blends in with your surroundings.


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