Beat the Lines, Order Lotto Tickets Online

The American Dream used to involve working very hard for the opportunity to order a beautiful home with a white picket fence. But these days the American Dream seems to be opportunity to win millions of dollars through the lotto. In fact, many people consider winning the lotto as a possible retirement plan. And when the jackpot is hundreds of millions of dollars, it seems everyone, including people who don’t usually play, heads to their local convenient store to order a lottery ticket.

But what if you can’t make it to the store on time, or at all? What if you hate standing in line after a long, long work day? No problem. You can now order your lotto tickets online. A new internet sales company is making it easy for people to order lotto tickets over the internet. By simply visiting the website, people can order MegaMillions, Super Lotto Plus, and Powerball tickets in California. How does it work? Once you order your tickets through the website, the company fetches the tickets on your behalf. Instead of paying more for your tickets, you simply join a monthly or annual membership plan. The monthly membership fee is $12, while the yearly plan is only $99. Members get access to not only the ability to order tickets online, but also public lottery pools, automatic subscriptions, and lottery analytics tools. Users of the online service also get the option of selecting their own numbers and playing in any official lottery drawing. Even lottery players who don’t want to become a member can take advantage of the website’s many resources. LottoGopher offers great tips and articles online including expert player strategies for advanced players.

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