Buying Heavy Equipment is Cost Effective in the Long Run

Heavy equipment is mainly used in construction and mining projects. This machinery is extremely expensive and in the early days they were difficult to operate. If a company owns these heavy machines, it has to use them continuously to make a profit. Idling heavy equipments can bring millions of losses to a business. Most of the small businesses that use these equipments rent or lease them because their cash reserves are limited to own them.

However, some businesses think it is better to own them than renting or leasing. There are many reasons for this conclusion. Business owners get tax credit when they invest on capital. Also, when renting or leasing, there’s a risk of accumulating interests. Especially if they are not fixed interest rates, the variables can be tough on business. That’s why buying is more cost effective. Hoists Direct offers good warranties and quality products for heavy equipment.

With the development of technology, heavy equipments have become easy to operate. In the ancient times moving rocks or large quantities of earth were done by humans. Today, moving a rock is not a difficult task at all. A simple piece of equipment like an electric hoist can do that job quickly and safely. Instead of using an army of human beings, companies can use just one person to operate this equipment. Also electric hoists are considered cheaper to use than cranes. The most important factor is the heaviness of a load they can move. An electric hoist has the capacity to lift more than hundred tons.

On the other hand, businesses cannot completely ignore the usefulness of hand chain hoist. This equipment is easy to operate and lasts long. The two chains operate one at a time in lifting and lowering tasks. They also come in commercial grade and industrial grade so the businesses can chose the equipment according to their needs. If a job doesn’t need fast moving machinery, hand chain hoist is the ideal equipment. They also can be moved easily from one construction site to the other. The most attractive quality of hand chain hoist is its low price. Small businesses still use this equipment.

There are many makes of hoists in the market. Yale hoist manufactures two different kinds of hoists. One is operated by chains and the other is with ropes. The load of capacity they can move is also different. A chain hoist can move up to a load of 50 tons and the rope hoist can move only a 35 ton load.

The high cost of heavy equipment is a main concern for construction and mining industries. However, heavy machinery is a rapidly growing industry. In 2011 the United States generated more than $25 billion revenue from construction machinery sales. To buy affordable equipments, the best place is Hoists Direct.


Guest Post provided by Hoists Direct that manufactures heavy equipment. The company’s electric hoist is the best equipment for moving heavy loads.


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