Display Advertising: Continuing to Grow – By Ted Dhanik

There may be those that state that Display Advertising doesn’t do enough. And upon an initial examination, they may appear to be correct. It is difficult to create an emotional connection with a banner ad. Branding can’t take place with simple pop ups or pop downs. A picture can tell a thousand words, but a video can do so much more. With these ideas in mind, it would be a logical conclusion to think that there may be bigger and better ways to go.

The truth, however, is that display advertising continues to grow and change. New developments and improved methods are both created and discovered on a daily basis. And it continues to break new ground by providing content for mobile devices and social media. In addition, the tools developed for interactive rich media have a hand in keeping display advertising a popular marketing medium.

Current trends point to the continued growth and evolving methods of display advertising as the years go on. By the year 2016, Forrester Research predicts that upwards of $ 77 billion will be spent on interactive promotions and marketing, which display advertising is an enormous part of. And together with all other forms of internet marketing, they will continue to grow and take in thirty five percent of the revenue devoted to advertising.

It can be said that the world of internet marketing and advertising is a viable form for promotions, possessing an enormous amount of potential for growth. And though display advertising may be seen as a bit of a dinosaur, it continues to evolve and grow with no end in sight.


This information has been provided by Ted Dhanik, the advertising consultant with your business in mind. With the development of new methods and ideas, Ted Dhanik has the solutions to your advertising problems. Stop by and visit Ted Dhanik at his website today.

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