Finding Good Affiliates in Your Niche

This article was written by Ted Dhanik

The key to a successful banner advertising campaign on the publisher side can lie in choosing a strong affiliate deal to market. Finding a good affiliate deal means a lot of testing, but there are some easy methods to start. These tips will guide you toward finding products that your audience will want to buy.

Eliminate the Obvious

If you run a blog about cars, you probably have a preferred tool set. This would be a good starting point to branch out into other niches that are related to tools. Can you sell tool accessories, or can you make money with home maintenance handbooks? Start with the most obvious niche you can think of (usually a hobby of yours), then scour the Web to see what you can find. You might save yourself some time researching products, and you’ll sell something you care about.

Solve Problems

Any good niche solves a customer’s problems. Showing someone how to fulfill a need is the most direct method to clinch a sale. You can start with your hobbies and work from there. What common problems do you run into, and what are your solutions to fix those issues? Have you found some hack that is cheap to produce, or do you use a product that fits your specific purpose well? A sale is more likely to occur if your product satisfies a burning need, like emergency roadside services. Don’t rely on the suggestion sell for display advertising. Find something concrete about the product that solves a problem, then market to those benefits.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a direct marketing guru with fifteen years of experience in the space. Ted Dhanik is the co-founder of engage:BDR, and has helped businesses develop lead generation techniques using banner advertising. Find more advice on display advertising from Ted Dhanik.

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