Gelato: The Ice Cream Alternative

Let’s face it, America is becoming more health conscious every day. The ice cream and soda parlors have virtually disappeared. The sugar and gooey deserts people enjoyed as children are making way for healthier alternatives. However, this doesn’t mean that deserts will completely fade away. Americans love their sweets. And fortunately for all of those who still have a sweet tooth, grab your tried and true ice cream supplies, and get ready to dig in to some Gelato.

Some folks are under the impression that Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. This isn’t entirely true. Though there may be some similarities in taste and texture, both items have completely different compositions. With that in mind, here are a few reasons to ditch the ice cream cone and grab the gelato cups instead.

Ice cream is literally made from cream which possesses a much higher content of milk fat, coming in between 18 and 30%. However, gelato only has between 2 and 9% milk fat since it is made from milk instead of cream. Other than pure health reasons, one of the main advantages of having less fat is that it allows that natural fruit flavors to come through. The higher content in ice cream actually can block your taste buds.

Speaking of reduced fat, gelato usually has about half of the calories in ice cream as well. If maintaining a healthy weight is a concern, this should be some welcome news. You can still enjoy some desert every once in awhile with this alternative to ice cream. And if you choose to do away with processed foods in your desire to have a healthy diet, gelato doesn’t consist of artificial ingredients or flavoring. It is made from whole milk, egg yolks, and sugar, with natural fruits and nuts added purely for taste.

There has also been a new understanding of how potentially damaging a gluten filled diet can be to some individuals. Here’s some more good news. Gelato is a gluten free product. Therefore, those unfortunate individuals that had been robbed of the pleasure of ice cream can now indulge once again. Even the type of sugars used in gelato can allow a diabetic to enjoy this sweet treat in moderate amounts.

The ice cream alternative is catching on. And if you haven’t given this protein rich desert a try, our advice is to give it a go. It is truly a healthier desert for a healthier world. With all of the positive benefits, and plus the fact that it just tastes damn good, what are you waiting for?


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