How Does the FDA Apply to My Food Business?

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The FDA requires certain analysis and documentation that applies to both stores and restaurants. In order to be able to sell a food in a store, it must be produced and advertised in a way that is approved by the FDA. There are certain state and federal safety guidelines that must be adhered to or you will be subject to a hefty fine, possible imprisonment or the inability to sell products legally for a certain amount of time. You might need liability to protect yourself and others. Although it might not be necessary, it would still be wise to purchase for anybody starting any kind of business. Insurance protects you from having to pay for damages you can’t afford all at once by spreading coverage out in monthly payments.

The FDA regulations can be confusing, and admitting to a judge that you didn’t know will not suffice. The best way to avoid any mistakes is to use a food trade consulting firm. Their knowledgeable and experienced professionals have paved the way to great success in the food industry, and can help show you the ropes. Be sure to sign Non-Disclosure agreements with any firm you decide to use before sharing details of your secret recipe. You can suffer from intellectual property theft if you are not careful to protect yourself from trade secrets. Although a real professional would have the ethical standard not to run off with your recipe and start their own business, you can never be too careful to protect yourself against those few bad eggs.

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