How Spoons Can Make All the Difference

Alright, you’re finally ready to cut the tape on your gelato shop. You have the best possible Italian ice cream you could get your hands on. It cost you a bit more, but it’s going to be worth it when people try it for the first time and realize that they’ll never be able to go elsewhere for their gelato needs.

Here’s the thing, though. If all you’ve thought about is your gelato, you may not be seeing your business explode like you had hoped. Yes, even with that incredible gelato, you may soon be in for a disappointment.Gelato-Spoons

So what’s going to go wrong? A lot of things could, but how about the ice cream spoons you use at your shop? You read that right. The thing that kills your business could be something as small as the tasting spoons.

Maybe it won’t be the spoons. Maybe it will be the napkins. It could be the cups. The point isn’t so much the spoons as it is the idea that the little things matter. They really, really matter.

Will your gelato play a big role in your chance of success? You bet. Of course. Will your product be the only thing that decides how well you do? No. Do not forget about all the other ways your customers will “experience” your product.


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