Send a Weather Balloon to Near Deep Space for Under $100

N.A.S.A. has done it. The U.S. military has done it. And now you can do it too. What is it? You can send a weather balloon into near deep space. But you don’t have to pay a fortune to do it.

Sky Probe offers a variety of professional weather balloons designed for science experiments and other projects, including marketing campaigns. Although the balloon can’t carry you up into space, it can carry a photographic payload with the ability to capture high definition images of the curvature of our planet and the dark empty space that surrounds it.

The Cost

Surprisingly it doesn’t cost much to send a weather balloon into near deep space. Sky Probe carries several sizes, ranging from the smallest size for only under $70 to the largest and highest size for around $500. Why so cheap? The company has a great relationship with Kaymont, the makers of these high-quality professional weather balloons. Plus, the whole idea behind Sky Probe’s business is to provide such near space platforms at affordable prices.

Beginners Are Welcome

If you’ve never launched a weather balloon into near deep space before, don’t worry. An affordable high altitude balloon kit features detailed instructions on how to prepare for the launch, how to launch the balloon, and many other details that are crucial for a successful launch. But the key is practice. The more you launch the more you will learn how to work out the kinks and achieve a successful launch.

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