The Spoon You Eat Your Ice Cream with, can Change the Taste

According to the United States Department of Agriculture statistics, in 2011 more than 1.5 million gallons of ice cream and frozen yoghurt has been produced in the country. The ice cream industry is extremely profitable and it generates between $6-$7 billion revenue annually. In 2012 the ice cream sales revenue was more than $5 billion. Related to ice cream, the utensils industry also has a significant growth during past few years Most of the ice cream businesses in the United States are family owned small shops and over fifty years the ownership has been passed from one generation to the other.

To open an ice cream parlor, the initial cost will be about $50,000. If the shop can buy utensils in a cost effective manner, the owners can save money. For instance, if a shop owner wants to stand out, he or she can use colored plastic spoons. Instead of using regular white ones commonly used. this will make a difference. It is a simple and low cost way of attracting customers. Especially, children like to collect things and colored plastic spoons will definitely attract their interest.

Another way to attract customers is by adding personalized ice cream cups. Kids or adults who celebrate their birthdays would love this item because they will be one of a kind. These cups can have kids’ names or a special message printed on them. They cups will be a collector’s item for kids, because they will never see them anywhere again. The cups will leave an unforgettable memory in kids, of their party.

Although in Italian, gelato means ice cream, the English translation means soft ice creams. A shop owner can diversify the variety by adding frozen yogurt and gelato products to their menu. These products need different utensils. Sometimes, to eat ice cream, one would need a harder spoon than what is used for frozen yogurt. There are more than 22,000 frozen yogurt suppliers in the United States. This item became popular since 2005. Frozen yogurt is considered a healthy food item and most of the people who cannot consume ice cream due to health reasons, love this food. By adding these products, an ice cream shop owner can attract health conscious people too.

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