Things to Consider Before You Visit the Copacker

Article Submitted By: Food Trade Consultants

Getting a copacker presents significant advantages to the efficiency of your business operations. Apart from reducing the lead time of your production process, the costs can also be greatly reduced. When you have a business that requires you to provide quality packaging and labeling, the best solution is to get a reliable and quality copacker who can be your partner in your business operations and production process.

Create a Business and Marketing Plan

Before you visit any copacker and before you make any final decision, you need to have a comprehensive business and marketing plan that contains the specific details of the products that you market and sell. It is essential to have specifications when it comes to the packaging materials, regulatory compliance, insurance matters, and ingredients, among many others.

Prepare a Checklist

It is equally useful to prepare a checklist that contains all of the details that you need to ensure that you get the right copacker. Having a checklist allows you to assess the capacity of a copacker. For instance, do you have sensitive product concerns (i.e. acidity, thermal process, etc.)? Is there a need to have specialized ingredients? Are there specific ingredient preparation methods needed? These are just some of the things that you have to include in your checklist.

Consult Your Attorney and Insurance Provider

Lastly, you can consult your lawyer and insurance provider. You need to make sure that everything is in place prior to going into a contract with your chosen copacker.

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