Tips to Help Your Office Go Green


The needs of the modern office are changing, and energy costs are fast-becoming part of the overhead costs for many mid-sized and larger businesses. In order to promote a greener lifestyle, many offices are making changes to their buildings and their interior spaces that promote better temperature regulation. With these tips your office will use less energy and remain at a comfortable temperature.

Replace Doors

One of the first places to look for a redesign is adding separators and new doorways. If the office space is large and open, you’ll want plenty of space for cubicles with the sides reserved for offices. It’s easy to add separators, with approval from the landlord, and a thick wood door will complete the look. Once the office is separated, you can circulate air to the cubicle space in the center, and to the individual offices.

Tint Windows

Tinting windows that face the sun helps to block out some of the sun’s harmful rays. Sunlight is still able to light the offices naturally, and you can find tints that don’t have much color to them. You can reduce the sunlight by frosting windows too. This will reduce overall energy consumption by maintaining a reasonable temperature indoors.


Start an office recycling program, with gamified elements to keep things interesting. You can reward your most proactive employees with small gift certificates to the local coffeehouses. You can also sponsor a recycling day and get some free press out of doing some good in the community. Going green is more than just a method to cut costs, it’s a lifestyle with lasting impacts on the immediate world around you.

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