Top 10 house hunting tips

jerry armen

Location, location, location! How close is it to work and school? The location will impact your lifestyle dramatically. So it must be the number one house hunting factor.

If you buy a home without knowing who your neighbors will be, then you will have to live with your choice. You cannot complain afterward that you dislike anything about your neighbors, because you did not even attempt to do your research on them.

Consider the situation of your house within your neighborhood. Do you get a view of your neighbor’s roof? Is your house on a hill or near the park? You might be exposed to your neighbor’s bedroom window. Consider any problems that could arise.

Curb appeal is the impression the house has. Why does it capture your heart? Try to name it. Then force yourself to look at everything else.

Consider the layout of the house and the property. Is it too big for you to properly care for? Is the layout in the house badly planned?

Check for adequate storage in the closets and garage. If you have many things you typically store, this becomes quite important.

How many rooms and bathrooms do you require? Do not go overboard with this just because you can afford it. Every room will have to be cleaned and maintained. Do you have the time for this? If not, are you willing to pay someone to do it for you?

So much time is spent in the kitchen that if you dislike it, you will feel bad in the home.

How is the lighting in the house? Are there enough outlets and do the windows let in enough light?

All the finishing touches are important too, but nearly as weighty as those laid out above. These are just the top ten, a quick cursory search will net you a hundred more. Save yourself the trouble and hire someone like Jerry Armen and co to handle your needs.

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