Understand Your Cash Register

                Every proper store is equipped with a cash register. Although you may start out with a small cash box and handling the money and receipts by hand, writing each and every receipt by hand, eventually you will reach a point in your store’s life when you will have at leas one cash register. An important thing that you have to do, and that your cashiers have to do, is understand your cash register.

                It may all seem simple; you press a couple of buttons, the display shows you how much the customer needs to pay and the change you have to give, the cash drawer opens, you put in some money or take some out, and voila, a transaction has just occurred. However, your cash register is much more complex and advanced than that. While you may be able to go through a day with simple processes such as that, looking at some of your cash register manuals can enlighten you with some of the register’s other important features. SAM4s cash registers in particular have a lot of features that may prove useful to your business such as the capability to handle checks and credit cards. You can also have several profiles to monitor the transactions that each of your cashier’s handle.

                There are so many features on a simple cash register that you can exploit. So much more efficiency is to be had once you fully utilize the machine that holds the success of your

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