What Landlords Should Know About Renter Screening

Every landlord should know that before they start the renter screening process they need written permission from the potential renter. The written permission is usually in the form of a type of disclosure or authorized document stating that a background check will be performed by the landlord. Some of these types of documents also include what types of background checks will be performed.

The screening process to rent an apartment or home has become very common in recent years. Background checks protect both the landlord and the tenant as well. There is an advantage to the tenant of having a background check performed. Many times items appear on background checks that the tenant was not aware was there. Some of the items include erroneous reports on credit histories and false statements made by previous landlords.

Many landlords use tenant screening services to weed out tenants that could possibly destroy property or become a threat to other tenants. Landlords that run landlord credit checks do so to prevent renting to tenants that may not pay the rent. One place landlords can have these services performed is at Tenant Screening Services LLC. They perform many different background checks such as credit report checks for landlords. Check out the site and find a service that best suits your needs. When shopping around for the best fee for background checks be sure that the website you choose offers the same services. For example, one company may offer two types of background checks for one price while another company may offer the same price for three types of background checks.

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