Where can you Get Lottery Tickets?

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If you enjoy playing the lottery, chances are you’ve already found a place to get the tickets. But the liquor store down the street is not the only shop where you can get lottery tickets. Today, there are many different types of retail stores that have been turned into lottery game locations. Knowing where to get lottery tickets will come in handy when you want to beat the long lines at your local liquor store. Here’s a list of places where you can get lottery tickets.

Face-to-Face Retail Stores

You might already know that you can get lottery tickets at your local convenience store, but a growing number of retail stores are cashing in the opportunity to become lottery game locations. It’s possible to get lottery tickets at gas stations and grocery stores. It’s even possible to get your California lottery tickets from places like bowling alleys, bars, card rooms, and other social venues. In addition to face-to-face locations, you can also order California lottery tickets online.

Online Retailers

It might come as a surprise, but California lottery players can now order lottery tickets from the web. The problem is that many online retailers are scams. For this reason it’s important to research before ordering tickets from just any website. The first social lottery website that legally allows California players to order tickets online is Lotto Gopher. Players can choose from three different membership options, order tickets online, and even join an online community of other lottery players. When you order lottery online, tickets are held in a safe storage facility on your behalf.

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